Nutritionist Cooks Healthy Recipes for People with PCOS and Diabetes

Nutritionist Cooks Healthy Recipes for People with PCOS and Diabetes
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Nutritionist Cooks Healthy Recipes for People with PCOS and Diabetes

Revolutionize your health with our nutritionist’s mouthwatering recipes tailored for PCOS and diabetes. Discover a new path to wellness. Get started today! Nutritionist Cooks Healthy Recipes for People with PCOS and Diabetes

Nutritionist Cooks Healthy Recipes for People with PCOS and Diabetes

Understanding the food we put into our body and how it affects us is a great investment towards a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition Eats is a new series where Jo Sebastian, a registered nutritionist-dietitian, helps you navigate your way to a healthier lifestyle by introducing recipes and learning about the science behind the food we eat!

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Intro (0:00)
All about PCOS and diabetes (0:28)
Yogurt Parfait (4:30)
Fried Rice and Tofu (6:23)
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Our best recommendation in the end is that you get the best advice from a group of professionals who have been willing to revolutionize your diabetes situation and give you the opportunity to radically improve your health.

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  1. Meow Meow

    Pronouncing it p-cos is so cute ❤

  2. Naz Hopkins

    I can't believe it took me over a week of heavy meal research to finally find someone giving food ideas for people that can't afford to spend over £50 a day on ingredients. I come from a bread and rice life with lots of tea so being told to stop all wheat and dairy and live on veg is just not making by gut happy. Thank you for this! more PCOS stuff please!

  3. Anna Müller

    Bro, when you start the video by mispronouncing P C O S, you know the knowledge wont be top notch

  4. nine ball

    I didn't know they had a feature! I love you and your vids, Jo!

  5. Mrs Shorty

    Yass I needed this tutorial as an American Filipino. Thank you 🙏

  6. Agenzia delle Entrate

    I wonder what could have become of me if you weren't the one who came to an interval in my life. Thank you for curing my Diabetes’s naturally Doctor Igudia. I immensely appreciate you.

  7. Elizabeth Robledo

    White rice is not a healthy choice for someone with pcos.

  8. Annette Regina Barizo

    More please! Meal prep naman huhu

  9. Sarah Oxford

    At this point I just can’t anymore I’m opting for surgery at this point because I have changed my eating exercising and my body is just coming to a stopping point literally I had to overload myself and I’m just tired and I’ve seen tremendous results but I have come to a stopping point I just can’t do it anymore I’m just tired of the stress I love videos like this and encourage healthy eating ultimately surgery really helps.

  10. Milkknrice

    I got diagnosed with pcos the other day and I'm happy that there are videos like this out there! Please do more!

  11. Fiona Shaji

    is it necessary for pcos patient to exercise everyday ???

  12. Cozy Healthy Life

    I have been suffering from PCOS since I was 15 years old. Yeah, it's insane, the irregular periods, excessive hair growth and all the symptoms that go with it started at my youngest age. I couldn't keep up with hard diets and things got worse and worse over time. Then in my 20s, I decided to fight back and find a healthy way to prepare all my favorite meals and created a correct lifestyle that helped me reverse my pcos and insulin resistance.
    The key is a cozy healthy lifestyle, low intensity workout, never combine carbs with protein in a meal, high protein breakfast (no carbs), cut out sugar and reduce your gluten and carb intake.
    Now that I am 30 years old, I decided to create a YouTube channel and share my healthy lifestyle with women who struggle like I always have.
    I hope you will enjoy my recipes.
    I wish you all a cozy and healthy life ❤

  13. Xochitl Lovato

    What do you recommend in place of tofu Because I could probably only eat like a 4th cup

  14. Xochitl Lovato

    I can't eat a lot of tofu it will actually hurt my stomach when I'm trying to sleep

  15. Jae Poindexter

    Can you do a video on an affordable pcos diet? I'm a college student, and the fruit in my area has always been really expensive

  16. Sh3C00ks

    I don’t necessarily agree, I have PCOS with A1C of 5. When I do intermittent fasting I don’t find the need to snack as my hunger levels are so much lower.
    The reason I don’t support snacks il even when they are healthy it’s because it keeps spiking your blood sugar throughout the day 🙁
    If you must snack I would recommend avocado or something really really in GI… just my 2 cents

  17. SmolBlueLady

    Thank you so much for this! I was diagnosed with PCOS about a month ago and have been really struggling with a healthy food relationship

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