Elevated Blood Glucose. Now What? Pre Diabetes

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Elevated Blood Glucose. Now What? Pre Diabetes

Alarming Blood Glucose Levels? Pre-Diabetes Solutions Revealed! 📈😨 Take Control NOW! #ElevatedBloodGlucose #PreDiabetes. Elevated Blood Glucose. Now What? Pre Diabetes.

On this episode of taking with docs Dr.Cheng endocrinologist talks about pre diabetes and certain things that night be causing you to be pre diabetic.

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  1. Marga Van Asperen

    What about lowcarb or keto-diet????

  2. Choco Es Travels

    Pre diabetes is a fake term. Either you're diabetic or you are not.

  3. Mona Antony

    Respected Doctor please let me know why I have elevated blood sugar 102 to 115 at times Fasting morning readings but my GTT n I Gf n tryglyverides all normal so my doctor says to just follow exercise n duet and forget about it but I’m not in peace

  4. Todd Blackburn

    Please have Dr. Cheng come back on and talk about the the progression of type 2 diabetes, the timeline of damage to organs, and what factor age of diagnosis plays into that time line. Also dangerous blood sugar level that need immediate attention, and symptoms of very high/low blood sugar.

  5. KitKat

    I got COVID and my a1c went up to 5.8 could have been just the COVID and not that I am pre diabetic

  6. KitKat

    So 5.8 is low risk and if I reversed it that means no risk

  7. santyclos

    Weird. Here in the US the prediabetes A1C level starts at 5.7%

  8. Julia Frietsch

    My glucose is all the time above 120s, I can't do any activity even stand on my feet for few minutes without my sugars constantly dropping with hypoglycemic symptoms. How can I keep my glucose stable and avoid the big spikes followed by by drops? Is Metformin mandatory for prediabetes?

  9. Irmaris Lopez

    Can atenolol cause increase blood sugar? I never had high blood sugar before and took atenolol for 1 year and now my hemoglobin a1c came high pre diabetes.

  10. Jenalyn Quizon

    hello doctor have a great day
    may i ask about the glucometer
    is that accurate to test
    if you are borderline


    These Doctors are lying. Fasting, no medicines, no processed carbs, more fat, nuts, avocado less animal products. .dón't eat all the time. .genetics is bull shi-t. .they need to go back to school. .

  12. David McMahon

    Disappointed that she peddled the same BS of eating "whole grains". If you're going to try that, get a glucose meter and see how your body reacts to the whole grains. The best thing to do is stop eating carbs – guaranteed to control it and in many cases reverse it (also intermittent fasting or time restricted eating REALLY works). I started at fasting blood sugar of 130 mg/dl and A1C of 6.4 and now have fasting blood sugars of 90 mg/dl and my last A1C was 5.1. I also exercise a lot but what is interesting is foods with carbs don't impact me the way they used to, however I only eat carb laden meals now and then I don't want to end up back where I was. An aside people should look at the UCLA study of California adults, 50% of whom they found are pre-diabetic or diabetic and as you go up in age the fraction increases to 70% or more. Not sure if that is true in Canada but nearly all adults in the US have an issue with blood sugar control.

  13. Ivan Fran Gugić

    I had 6.1 Yesterday on a Blood test, am i prediabetic and can it ne cured or is it forever?

  14. MrMockingbird1313

    Hey Docs, Every blood meter I have ever used operates in mg/dl. It has been hard to find the correct conversion. Does 7mm = 126 mg/dl?

  15. Antonio De Rosenzweig

    Jajajaja thanks mom!!!!,,, It will be nice to talk about range and behavior. About 15 years ago on my 40´s I become a prediabetic and with medicine and lifestyle change I didn´t reverse back but stay at 99 – 110

  16. MatterMulla Horse

    I am free from Diabetes permanently within a month of using natural herbs from Dr Obehi Herbal Home on YouTube 🎉

  17. tiger talks

    Although even if it is genetic which it's not? Genetics is the gun lifestyle pulls the trigger

  18. tiger talks

    If it's so genetic how do people go on a keto diet and completely reverse their diabetes? Maybe go watch a real doctor Canadian nephrologist that works with diabetics all the time dr. Jason Fung if you really want to help your diabetes. This lady is giving out information from the 1980s

  19. YoSpiff

    Thanks, that was helpful. A little over a year ago I was just over the line at an A1c of 6.5. I don't want to take unnecessary drugs, so I started educating myself (part of which has been watching your channel), eating better and riding my bike more. It has been 5.7 for 4 tests since then with my other risk factors also improving. My Dr. says to just keep doing what I am doing.

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