Diabetes hypos | What does hypoglycaemia Feel Like? | Diabetes UK

Diabetes hypos | What does hypoglycaemia Feel Like? | Diabetes UK
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Diabetes hypos | What does hypoglycaemia Feel Like? | Diabetes UK

Diabetes Hypos Exposed! Unveiling the Hypoglycemia Experience. Discover the Truth Now! 🩺🔍

Diabetes hypos | What does hypoglycaemia Feel Like? | Diabetes UK

The full name for a ‘hypo’ is hypoglycaemia. It happens when your blood glucose levels (otherwise known as blood sugar levels) get too low, usually below 4mmol/l.

Hypoglycaemia can happen when the balance between the food and drink you consume, physical activity or diabetes medication (usually insulin) isn’t right. That doesn’t meant that everyone with diabetes experiences hypos.

We put this short video together to educate the public what it’s like to experience a diabetic ‘hypo’.

Find out more and arm yourself with the knowledge on our dedicated page: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/guide-to-diabetes/complications/hypos


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  1. shaikh samin

    After 1 hour of breakfast eating mangoes etc my suger level is 4.1 . Is this hypoglycaemia? Sometimes I felt these kind of symptoms

  2. Lin Postel

    My oldest son is in his early 20's and he has type 1 diabetes. But thank God for this piece of article https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxibD_L3sDyYENL5CwePCd9plRBqjzw2mw At first he thought he had the flu and was lying down on the bed for three days until his sister took him to the hospital. They took his blood and it was 600. What I do not understand is how he could have gotten it, since no one in the family has it. But he is winning the battle now. This is a good stuff.

  3. 89MazzaUK

    I had a massive hypo at work recently, can't remember much – my work mates weren't sure but did an awesome job, I had no kit on me either and no libra on (long story there!) – so kudos to them. But I'm always super embarrassed by them, to be honest, mainly cause I can't remember and then have to try and piece it all together for my own sanity. Watched this trying to find something to best show people 'how' it feels, but didn't notice being tearful is one of the symptoms – I cried in my last one, never have before honestly but it's good to know. I thought it was just my mental health and maybe I was having a panic attack, like I say just interesting as I've never cried before and then bam, here it is.

  4. Killa Walez

    My panic attacks feel like this so sometimes when my sugar is kind of low and I start giving myself anxiety and make it worse 😫

  5. Bryce DeCory

    Wish it was that easy! I feel wrecked after I come back but feel better

  6. adu

    Some kids mum was in a hypo and her children we're joking around saying "time to claim my free robux" whilst giving her lucozade.

  7. а. к

    Honestly sometimes it's hard to tell between a panic attack and hypoglycemia for me…Now imagine how bad it gets when they're combined together…It feels like you're 1 step away from death….

  8. Sondre

    Nothing like a good hypo to make a meal taste better.

  9. work office

    The worst severe hypos are the ones that you don’t remember what happened in the process. Basically unconscious but still awake. That’s when it’s really dangerous. You gotta hope there’s some educated family or friends around you

  10. Aaron Dawson

    Hypos are horrible ended up so low turned blue next minute I wake up and ambulance lot are in the house pumping sugar into me I didnt have a clue what was going on

  11. Rhinoceros Chuck Red😴🖤

    I’m a diabetic and once I had an low blood sugar episode I was having hypoglycemia seizures. Diabetes is scary.

  12. Sun Moon Aries

    This music is giving me anxiety

  13. Maureen Seel

    Lows are very anxiety provoking for me. I've had bad lows when I had no treatment on hand and was staggering around trying to find juice or something. It feels like death and being out of control sometimes.

  14. Jimmy Taylor

    Can’t forget still felling like crap even after your number goes up. Good times good times 🫠

  15. Michael Rodriguez

    Fasted for like 4 days and ate again before knowing the risks. Hypoglycemia is no joke, I absolutely thought I would die in that chair

  16. Jim Guarnera

    As a 36 yr. Type 1 diabetic who manages their blood sugars closely, I’ve experienced numerous low blood sugar events…hypoglycemia.
    Sugared Liquids, like regular pop or orange juice, work much faster than candy to raise the blood sugar. If the person is unable to drink, rub a generous amount of honey into their mouth, ideally between the teeth and gums. This will enter their system very quickly. You may save a life.

  17. Jack Angus

    Hypo is far far worse than this. In 44yrs I know.

  18. Omnienergetics

    your musical intro is to harsh.

  19. Steel Horn

    Looks like an ad for diabetes medicine

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