Could a new diabetes drug be a game changer for weight loss?

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Could a new diabetes drug be a game changer for weight loss?

Revolutionary Diabetes Drug for Weight Loss Unveiled! Could This Be the Ultimate Game Changer? Find Out Now! 🌟🩸 #DiabetesBreakthrough. Could a new diabetes drug be a game changer for weight loss?

Ana Cabrera talks to Dr. Vin Gupta about a new diabetes drug that has had lifechanging results for people dealing with obesity and could be on the fast track to approval. Is this the answer many have been waiting for – or just a short term solution?

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Our best recommendation in the end is that you get the best advice from a group of professionals who have been willing to revolutionize your diabetes situation and give you the opportunity to radically improve your health.

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  1. Wesley Iverson

    Completely cutting refined sugar from your diet is also a game changer….

  2. Bonnie

    If this is the same type of drug as Ozempic or Victoza it won't work for me. Didn't lose one pound on them.

  3. Majid Hadji

    I did same thing with no drug. I have had T2D since 1996. I lost over 15% my weight and discounted 7 meds. With no crap no markings gizmo.

  4. Socialism Sucks

    Sponsored by Pfizer, safe and effective🤡

  5. Offensive Architecture

    I notice they talk about "body weight" lost, not body fat lost. How much bone mass, muscle mass, and other beneficial lean mass is being lost?

  6. Offensive Architecture

    Typical American food is poison. We don't want to address that, though.

  7. Just Relaxing

    Stop stuffing your pie holes with junk all day and stop whining about being fat! It takes work to lose or maintain a healthy weight and Americans want a "magic" drug to take away their lack of will power. Eat beans, vegetables, smaller meat portions, get on a stationary bike for 30 minutes a day and you will lose weight. Oh and track your calories. There are online sites that will help you free. Do it!

  8. rikcab

    3:17 It was corporations creation of processed food. They changed what we eat from natural foods to Chemicals, Sugars, Carbs and Artificial Flavoring. Yummy Profits!

  9. Teenah Weenah


  10. The Common Sense Conservative316

    Obesity is the number one killer in America but hey who cares right. Kills more than Covid.

  11. Teresa Harrison

    I currently us monjuor for weight loss and have lost 42lb in 6 months. I feel great and I am glad decided to use it. It will be appreciated for FDA to approve for weight loss.

  12. Dreaming music Gal

    We that are diabetic and need our med's can't get it. I tried to fill my Trulicity today and can not get it she said it could be over a month before they can get their hands on some for their customers. It's because after all the ones who don't need it we can't get it for our health. First it was Ozempic they took away from one's taking it for diabetes then Wegovy and now Trulicity because of vanity mostly. We can thank the rich and wealthy that use it that don't need it such as the Kardashians they all take it and DO NOT NEED IT just for an illustration but there are 1000's more like them. I know one who takes it not for any other thing he is vain and has no problem bragging he takes it and knowing some can't get it than needs it.

  13. Thomas De Quincey

    Will this drug allow people to be as greedy and as glutinous as possible, eat and drink whatever they want, do no exercise and still be thin? Definitely not. But people like to hope, don't they?

  14. Lisa Marie Barker

    If they aren't diabetic wont it do more harm ?

  15. Zizi Roberts

    Ban high fructose corn syrup and 64 oz cups.

  16. Karuuk

    I would imagine that this also empowers a person that drops the weight to be more apt to adopt healthier diets and a more active lifestyle. It's harder for more Obese persons to just jump off the couch and onto a bike or treadmill. This would be helping them develop and encourage them to KEEP it off regardless of the continuous use of the drug. I'd like to proactively think this is a "gateway drug" to good habits and eating healthier 😄 Let's see if this helps the U.S. overweight problem to fall below it's record highs before we cast it in a bad light.

    Yes it's big pharma, but at least it's not another pill that is creating drug abuse among the population… cough xanax, vicadine, percaset, oxycodon Cough .. there's worse things that have created much bigger problems than this. Let's be real about it and stop casting stones and see if it actually helps first.

  17. Zizi Roberts

    No. Because most Americans won't be able to afford it.

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