Your Watch Isn’t Accurate at Tracking Calories. This Wearable Is Better

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A new wearable designed at Stanford University claims to be far more accurate at calculating calorie burn than the smartwatch on your wrist. It measures leg motion and works for lower-body exercises including walking, running, cycling and climbing stairs. We compare it to a lab-grade calorie-tracking tool.

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0:00 Intro
0:59 Why aren’t smartwatches good at calorie tracking?
2:27 Designing a new wearable for the leg
3:35 Walking, running, cycling, stair tests
5:13 Results
7:00 Upper body workouts

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  1. Sinestro Corps

    This is great now I know that when my watch say 800 it’s more like 1500

  2. Alabaz

    Ok, but is anyone else glad that it underestimates? I've seen a couple other studies that all seem to align with the ideal that watches are more likely to underestimate than overestimate.

  3. Rayhan Alam

    can we try with an apple watch instead

  4. C W

    Should only be taken as an INDICATION. Not gospel. Duh….

  5. Dylan Fitch

    I think it takes in to account your basal metabolic rate too

  6. Dylan Fitch

    Oh yeah they grossly overestimate caloric burn

  7. Aditya ms

    *I was hoping they would use Apple watch Series 7 in their test. But no, they had to use a local brand, instead of market leader in smart watches 🙁

  8. Nabri-NFG

    I rather get underestimation of how much calories I burn so I work out more
    I don't see it downside to wearing the watches to be honest

  9. DarthMarv

    The research paper states:
    “The Smartwatch was an Apple watch series 1 (42 mm)”

    Also, the main problem was inaccurate and missing (!) heart rate data. I saw data of the Apple Watch Series 1 compared to the data of the Apple Watch Series 7. It has improved A LOT. The data of the series 1 was very spiky with a lot of gaps due to inaccurate IR sensor measurement when moving the wrist or holding things. This doesn’t happen anymore (or much less) on newer Apple Watches, but still on other smart watches. You can also use the ECG function of the watch for a much more accurate measurement. Btw, the researches were also using ECG. Apple now uses similar approaches to approximate body movement on newer watches. I guess this experiment is outdated (at least for newer Apple Watches).

  10. TheSonyExperience

    This is only good news. I'll take an understimaaation to an overestimation.

  11. Quintron Betty

    We knew this already like come on

  12. Mirab Lex

    wasnt there such a chip you could plant inside sole from Adidas? what is new here?

  13. tecialist

    Every product is a compromise. This leg sensor is utterly useless for commercial products because it can’t possibly be used for a mass market consumer device. You can’t really compare this research tool to smart watches on the market. You are making a straw-man argument here. Engineers who made the smartwatches clearly knew that it won’t be as accurate. Maybe if the Stanford researcher made an actually “wearable” sensor that was more accurate than Apple Watch or Galaxy Watch this would have much more meaning.

  14. Abdul Hamza

    Well that reminds me of the story of the kid who made a watch that looked like a bomb.

  15. Karl-Emil Storm

    What about the Apple watch which can measure oxygen levels in the blood?

  16. Sminok

    How about Oculus Quest 2? They seem to have much more information to factor in.

  17. Drake García

    These equipments are very convenient to use compared to just a watch on your wrist. What a time to be alive!

  18. J C

    Does it track distance you walked does it show from a to b and how long it took u?
    And calories?

  19. AGM WEST

    Do I need to connect it to a phone? I really don't want to connect it to the phone,. I just want to use it for walking and keep it simple.
    Thank you in advance!

  20. wrestling teachers

    I bought it for $19.99 on Walmart! Arriving today actually!

  21. Ina capuni Ina capuni

    how can I open Bluetooth in my watch?

  22. Byron Overstreet

    This is my third Fitbit, and so far, this is the best! I had a Fitbit Charge 4, but it was impossible to see the screen in bright light, and very dim (even on the brightest setting) indoors. The display on the Charge 5 is brilliant–literally! I can see it so easily when I'm outside in bright sun. And, the battery life is much longer than my previous two Fitbits. The first charge lasted two full weeks–I don't keep the display on all the time.

  23. Dagan R

    I work night. Does it track sleep during the day?

  24. Manning Grinnan

    Thanks so much. I had this watch in a drawer but could not remember how to deal with it. My wife now loves it.

  25. JUR O

    I ordered q denver bhf 17 because of the usb charging I didn't want q charging dock or something, I still have q cracked mk and Asus zenwatch but I didn't want to spend 120 for a Huawei band b6….and…I had to chose the hauwei band 6 for 35 or this one for free + 15 euro with condoms….because only for 30 euro I got 20 euro discount 😆😆
    I hate docks and extra chargers so fucking mutch, then they really need 2 weeks at least so you can put 1 in youre toilets bag or something….because it just sucks completly separate chargers, I just hate it , like hate it real bad. I hate it so bad that after 6 or 7 years smartwatches I replaced it with a Versus versace, but I always loved the first gear fit, and gear S too….But the fitness band are always slick and fast in wear. It also looks pretty fast and not so …….you can even combine them with bracelets
    You still use this one? And know of the charging point holds up? I know qlactel had this problem back in the days!

  26. Morningstar1

    I’m buying but I wondered why the calories aren’t on the screen? I’d like that more than steps. Ppl seem obsessed with steps. I’d much rather know the calories. I have to go into the app to see that? Either way it’s a good price and a nice slim design.

  27. April Wilson

    Can everything be controlled through the watch I am unable to have my phone at work

  28. Godwin Adjei Kofi

    How to change the background

  29. Julie Christensen

    What is the name of the app you need. My box got thrown away. Help please!!!

  30. 101perspective

    I can't read the display at all while outside. I don't have the best eyesight. Still, I have absolutely no problem viewing my bike's readout. With this watch I can't even tell if it is on or not while outside. I have it set to the brightest setting also. Inside it is fine though. However, I don't really do any indoor activities. So, pretty much worthless as an exercise watch for me. I couldn't even start the biking function without coming indoors first.
    That said, the sleep monitor function seemed to work well.
    Bottom line, I still think it is good for the price. I was just hoping to be able to use it as a stopwatch and real time heart monitor during my workouts… that's not happening. I will still get some useful data though.

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