1. AshronS.

    Can you suggest any online fitness training programs in Texas?

  2. MagdaLena

    I became a fitness instructor when I started working at my job. I never recertified myself cause most people think that change will happen over night. It’s a commitment. There are people that don’t want to listen, so the hell with it.

  3. Fresh Start

    Listen to the Older Lion. God bless you

  4. Fresh Start

    5:50 Yes Be before you become. Be That Example 💯

  5. justin xoxo

    aye my man! great vid you got here. been thinking ab it but scared to commit. this vid helped me out a lot!

  6. Dianne Peterson

    I've been an RN for awhile and noticed most diseases are exercise and diet caused. Therefore I've chosen to be a personal trainer on the side and see where this takes me. Thank you for the information!

  7. RyanAtTheRack

    Great video man, pursuing this at the moment. Wish I could speed it up but am a Senior in college for Engineering right now, and wish I would’ve seen this video when you posted it, have always wanted to be a trainer.

  8. Shaiere Smirnoff

    I see he had his client doing that one workout to death. But that’s a good one. Good video bro..

  9. Shaiere Smirnoff

    Damn 10mins of him saying you not a personal trainer with no certification… I see bra

  10. sachin

    wihtout degree become international personal trainer reply me?

  11. King Tyrin

    Appreciate the info big holmes.

  12. Pele Kama

    This is the truth. I'm working now to be a personal trainer myself. Thank you for laying it all out!

  13. Noob chillz

    Is there really a market for personal trainers? I keep seeing ads from schools implying some sort of desperation for more personal trainers but obviously they are trying to sell me something.

  14. Christopher Curione

    Which cert to start with?
    Where to go for getting recommended certification?


  15. persia Franklin

    Great video, keep it up 😁

  16. Luke From Texas

    I once worked at corporate gym and every trainer there looked fat and out of shape. I would have never hired them.

  17. Gina v v

    I’m not certified and I’m currently training 4 people lol 😂

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