This song is truly legendary one of my favs

  2. Eddie Valdivia

    Years later and everyone talking bout this song and memories… honestly, it is crazy how fast things to become memories

  3. nekohell

    it still fucks me up how long it's been.

  4. The dandy man

    7 years, really doesnt seem like much, i was 12, now im 19almost 20 and it seems like just yesterday i was listening to this song happy as could be and this would flood my brain with so many thoughts so much so that i had to stop listening to it, and now i listen and look back on my childhood all the years of my mom picking drugs over me all the verbal abuse from her all the guys she went through on a weekly basis because she could never be with someone because of how shitty of a person she was, then being forced to move in with my abusive father and step mother who were even worse this song just ticks a part of my brain that reminds me of all of it, it reminds me of where i came from how i got here how i became the man i am today and im so just, im in shock really, the line is so thin and theres really no up or down from here things dont get better but they cant get as bad as they once were so its fine right ? its all gonna be fine, atleast thats what im gonna tell myself.. have a good night everyone…

  5. alex_xxxjayces_girlfriend

    Guys like this comment if xxxtentacion shoud fly high and live a good life. R.I.P😔😭 we all love u x, I can't actually imagine crying for sombody that I don't know, but I know THIER pain I know THIER RESPECT, most people don't get this type of treatment. Although it's been a while since x had sang, we all hope he is singing in heaven even though he said a last speech doesn't mean he's dead. HES NOT DEAD HES IN OUR HEARTS. X THE LEGEND WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS NO MATTER WHAT THE CASE IS. he just wanted a perfect life😔 just like us, like me I'm 11. AND I FELT HIS PAIN! Even though he is black he TAUGHT ME THAT THE COLOR DONT MATTER. HE TOLD US ALL TO STAY CALM AND IT WILL BE OK. HE TAUGHT US ALOT God🙏 why did u take our legend😭.

  6. ThE DoN

    Man, X, X was a fking God favorite person💔

  7. Arbiter

    So many hours spend in a trance of thought with this song playing, so much pain and memories of a young broken heart feb 2017 on when It got me through the worst o1622

  8. Alex Fernandez

    When his album "17" dropped, I didn't expect it to perfectly explain my depressive episodes. I'm thankful he was real, rather than making more of the "aggressive" music he was known for.

  9. x

    Xxxtentacion is best and original 😭👌 respect

  10. A-Tripz

    It’s not about living forever it’s about creating something that will

  11. IAmNightsEdge

    The sample is no, the moon by teen suicide

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