Would You Rather? WORKOUT – At Home Family Fun Fitness Activity – Physical Education – Brain Break

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Choose which candy you would rather eat! Would You Rather “Candy Edition” is fitness fun! Great activity for the whole family. Excellent brain break activity! Find more activities @Fix and Play
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  1. Bas Vischschraper

    i love this video! can you make a would you rather animals edition?

  2. Kayla J. Swaby

    PLease make more, I loved it!

  3. Stephaniety Davila

    Skiddo is my braces friend

  4. Armisha Huntley

    I know you made way before but please tell me what is the first song 🎧 called


    That was designed by and everything else in the country that has happened.

  6. Gerda Francois

    This is how you can tell these are kids but of course family friendly channel p.e ut keep up the good work 👏 👍 👌

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