Worth it 1 Year Later? | Titan Fitness Functional Trainer Review

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After a year of use, do I still think the Titan Fitness Functional trainer is worth it? I go into a complete review, pros, cons, maintenance, and if I’d buy this functional trainer again.
Titan Fitness: https://titan-fitness.pxf.io/c/3450882/1282647/15482
Price: 00
Overall Height 82-in.
Overall Width 64-in.
Overall Depth 44-in.
Long Bar Length 49-in.
Short Bar Length 15.5-in.
Pulley Grip Length 4.5-in.
Pulley Ratio 2 to 1
Finish Powder-Coated Black/Silver
Material Steel
Starting Resistance 20 lb.
Full Weight Stack 200 lb.
Total Dual Weight Stack 400 lb.
Product Weight 672 lb.

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Worth it 1 Year Later? | Titan Fitness Functional Trainer Review

Product Overview
The Functional Trainer is a strength trainer designed to breathe new life into your fitness routine. This all-in-one training system is built from high-grade steel to help you power through your workouts and attain your fitness goals. With 200-pound fully enclosed dual weight stacks, you can efficiently perform pulldowns, flies, squats, lunges, twists, and more. It comes with a Short Bar, Long Bar, Ankle Strap, Dual Stirrup Handles, Rope Handles, Single and Double D-Handles so you can move from one exercise to the next quickly and maximize your workout. Freely adjust the pulley position higher or lower across their square poles to add horizontal force to your regular exercises such as lunges, squats, and step-ups – increasing your gains and adding new dynamics to your home gym. The Functional Trainer is built for long-lasting use, ensuring its durable steel construction will stay strong through even the most intensive exercises. The black and silver design looks sleek in every setting and will compliment your home or garage gym. This machine is the ultimate answer to your workout plateau and will rock your fitness routine to the next level.
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  1. Nolan

    Have you not had the problem where under 40 pounds, the cable is too loose and makes the machine inoperable? It drags and catches so badly it is not smooth enough to even use unless you put on a decent amount of weight. When you try and tighten the cable, the holes misalign on the weight stack so you cannot even plug the weight stick into the stack of weights. Titan is useless and will not answer emails, calls, or provide a solution. I do not recommend Titan products or this piece of garbage trainer.

  2. David Nickell

    Nice review. I personally don't know where these people get thousands and thousands of dollars for gym equipment and seem to have unlimited space. I live in a 400-square-foot efficiency apartment and make peanuts as a security guard. That said, I'm rearranging my tiny space to accommodate the Body Solid PFT100 functional trainer, the cheapest one on the market with very high standards. It's one to four thousand dollars cheaper than its competition. But I love that the industry has downsized cable machines to fit in relatively small spaces. LOVE cable exercises. BTW, the PFT100 can be upgraded to TWO 210 weight stacks.

  3. Francisco Gonzalez

    Have you tried the inspire ftx? Considering it as its seems good for the price

  4. B V

    Is this height truly 82-83 inch in height once you assembled?

  5. Mighty Mochi

    I don't see a point in going for the titan fitness functional trainer when the price between the two are so similar, and rep fitness is just the better company. Not to mention the fact that their warranty is lifetime for the frame, where as titan only offers 1 year max for everything.

  6. Dan Vin

    thanks for doing a follow up review

  7. Lenny7118

    What I don’t like is I see that you are sitting on the floor to do lat pulldowns, can you sit on a bench and get a decent stretch ?

  8. Karen Zaleski

    Appreciate the one year review

  9. ChevyOn6s

    They should give you commission, lol I’m buying one because of this 1 year update. Thanks buddy.

  10. ppazumas

    longevity review definitely helpful

  11. EvansGoneFishing

    does this come with a workout sheet on where to set pulley positions for which exercises?

  12. kingaronfi

    i badly want to buy it but i would customise it. i want weights in the middle part as well, not just in each sides. i do have a multi gym. im so happy with the quality but it does not activate my muscles 🙁 but i dont want to sell it but i want to use it in order to combine it with the newer one if i decide to get one 😀 this video is very helpful 😀

  13. Karen Z

    I really like these one year reviews

  14. T K

    Thanks for the 1 year update! At today's prices, would you get this or the Rep FT-5000?

  15. Johnnel White

    If I didn't have a free motion dual cable cross machine at home ide definitely look into this. I'm getting ready to order the titan fitness lat pulldown with the 300lb stack for the garage gym.

  16. quack head

    Stop talking about giving a review and just give a review lmao what is this intro

  17. Marc Iannotta

    I'm thinking of purchasing this product and I appreciate your review. My basement ceiling is 83 inches in height. Do you think setting it up will be an issue with only 1 inch of clearance? Appreciate any feedback you may have.

  18. Eug Hingtgen

    I'm 6'2" will I have to do tricep extensions from my knees or can I stand. ?

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