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Workout tips and secrets from World Champion Fitness Model, Williams Fallade – three times WBFF World title winner. Here he shares his top ten training tips for intensity and muscle building.



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She once fell off the fitness wagon, but the beautiful Jen Jewell didn’t stay down long. She lifted herself, lost 50 pounds, and earned a WBFF pro card. This is a story you don’t want to skip!
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Some people seem like they were born to live the life they’re living. Jen Jewell is a perfect example. She didn’t stumble into fitness or find it after years of inactivity.

Her love for weightlifting began when she was in high school. At 16, she saw a picture of Monica Brant and knew that fitness was her future. At 17, she knew that someday, she’d compete in a fitness competition.

Her first job was as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor. Jen seems fated for the fit life.

Although she’s always been active and concerned with her shape, Jen also dealt with a tragedy that caused some unhealthy life changes.

The story of her fitness journey is rocky, but it has a pro ending.

Read on to find out more about Jen’s wake-up call, her transformation, her training plan, and the realization of her high-school dreams.


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  1. Robert Greene

    Wow watching you workout so hard is motivating me to do more with my fitness.

  2. Niamaiyah Charleson

    I dont know his social media. Wanted to follow

  3. Yassine Ajri

    This is professional method of studying IFBB program keep going ❤️
    The must important things after this is good food and rest to make the build and recovery ❤️‍🩹

  4. AKASH N A


  5. Free the Real Keep the rest

    Ahh mayy zing truly so many gems picked up in this one right here great video again amazing

  6. Edward Martinez

    “who's gonna carry the boats?”

  7. MR NewComer

    How Black men Become Model????? With black Look?

  8. Tryphena Santamaría Thorne

    I love this video. This is my fitness motivation video everytime I'm going to workout.

  9. Jun Fernandez

    You are absolutely amazing and your body looks awesome. ❤👍❤👍❤

  10. ade paul

    Proudly Nigerian , Well done bro!!!!

  11. S.O

    This is a nice body not that ugly bodybuilders

  12. Trees Happen

    I don't know, she looks pretty damn good a little smooth, vs shredded.

  13. Alex

    This my goal! I went from 118 to 150 too. So this proof to me that I can reach my goal for being a wellness competitor!!

  14. Samer Antar

    you looked better as a beef cake

  15. Ellie Bells

    So how can a women still loose weight and nor lose breast mass? Not ever one wants to go under the knife got bigger breasts.

  16. Brenda Schwieterman

    She’s wrong about healthy fats, like olive oil and butter. A lot of her diet advice is really outdated.

  17. Neil Russell

    Even when I felt my worst and I had to go into the gym sometimes that will be my best day? I’m also sorry for your loss, keep driving girl

  18. Neil Russell

    You are already beautiful before you started, now the hard work paid off, you look incredible. Training is a lifestyle a lot of people don’t know that. The only thing I hate is people say I’m going on a diet, and I say you’re going to go to a fail point. Lifestyle, lifestyle

  19. Manolo Santos

    Don’t forget “Got Strong too” 👍🙏

  20. rltreasure

    Girl your implants look ridiculous. Much prettier when natural.

  21. krystle gregory

    She is Beautiful I wish I could do this!

  22. golban 9797

    Hi, I'm Leila. I just saw you. Are you a strong woman? Congratulations. I have a question for you? I currently weigh 90 kg and I am 163 cm tall. I am a vegetarian. Of course, I have lost a lot of weight. What sport should I start with to get my body in shape?

  23. Monica Borbely TV

    So inspiring! Thank you for sharing this with us

  24. Teigan

    All those body self lovers , here’s just a thought when a pram comes through a door use your big lovely muscles girls and boys hold door with your foot for prams and young kids . Thanks you.

  25. Вязать здорово


  26. Mija Mika

    THIS WOMEN💖💖💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  27. Richard Brabbs

    These video's make me laugh ok shes beautiful now but she was just as beautiful when she was "heavy" I'd say that she will go through life and always be attractive

  28. janet consentino

    amazing story!! shes amazing !

  29. Anna Nicole

    How come these gals never have injuries? I always some injury that takes time to heal and gets worse if I keep working out.

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