Will stem cells cure diabetes? A doctor discusses new vertex trial

Will stem cells cure diabetes? A doctor discusses new vertex trial
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Will stem cells cure diabetes? A doctor discusses new vertex trial

Will stem cells cure diabetes? A doctor discusses new vertex trial

In some groundbreaking news for diabetes researchers, Vertex has put out some results from their first 90 days of human research trials. Using a treatment called vx-880 they are trying to cure diabetes by injecting stem cells.

Release from Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation:

Vertex Shares Data from Their Stem Cell-Derived Therapy—and It’s Outstanding

New York Times article about Brian Shelton:

Vertex public release about 90 day data for human trial

Harvard stem cell institute release:

0:00 Did vertex find a cure for diabetes?
0:45 Douglas Melton diabetes research
1:38 Brian Shelton diabetes trial results
3:30 Questions about Vertex diabetes trial
4:10 Who was the target patient for this trial
5:00 Vertex adverse effect data
6:35 Immunosuppression risks with stem cell transplant
7:20 Next step to avoid immunosuppression


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  1. Dr Scott Bland

    Fingers crossed! Can you imagine a world in which everyone could actually stop requiring insulin shots?

  2. monica sunday

    I thought my body would never be the same again, but you fixed it. My heartiest gratitude to you Dr Igudia for helping me cure my type 2 Diabetes disease successfully

  3. Olanrewaju Kabeerat

    If the world had more people like you, it would be a better place. You make a difference, Dr Igudia thank you for curing my type 2 diabetes and introducing your medical products to the worlds

  4. Sifiso Dlamini

    Can organoids be used to treat diabetes

  5. Amir Mir

    Hello sir my wife is type 1 dibaties last 13 year ago can we cure this plz tell us

  6. Jaya Lakshmi

    Hi sir ple hurryup my bodey was loosing

  7. Sushil Sindwani

    Diabetes eradication till 2030

  8. Sushil Sindwani

    Sir am not a researcher but sir dont we make that cells much more stronger that immune system don't harm them

  9. Maria Ogochukwu

    My husband was able to cure his Diabetes disease permanently with the natural herbs supplements we ordered from Dr Igudia on YouTube and I encourage you all to try his natural herbs supplements.

  10. Nikolas M

    Do you know if theres a way I could apply for these experimental procedures ?


    How much time will take vx-880 for general people

  12. Zara Kitty

    We have type 1 and we live each day each hour as it comes kids are suffering around the world 🌎 😢

  13. David Tkach

    Thank you for talking about the immune suppression aspect of this. Prayers for a final solution. I've had type 1 for over 52 years and I'm past ready for a cure.

  14. aXoL Niz

    Doc is it going to help type 2 diebeties too?

  15. Tyrant Moore

    I've had diabetes type 2 since I was 11 years old I didnt take care of it until I was about 29 im now 36 and now I am trying to find anything and everything to reverse the effects of what diabetes has done to me in the last 7 years I have neuropathy in my eyes and feet I'm almost completely blind in one eye and im dealing with a toe issue that wont go away I also might have heart problems. so hearing about this where do I sign up for trial!?

  16. Farhan Samin

    My 12-year-old sister is affected with type-1 diabetes. Is it possible to reverse type-1 diabetes? Any medicine to cure T1D in Bangladesh?

  17. Hal Lamb

    Thanks doctor. Hasn’t privately held Viacyte, another JDRF supported company, already managed to differentiate and incapsulate stem cell derived pancreatic stem cells? Is this somehow new and different? Nevertheless, it seems any mention of a “cure” is premature until someone figures out how to selectively turn off just the immune response to attack insulin producing cells.

  18. Old Mate

    Now we just watch the greedy corporations quash this as fast as they can

  19. Bhuvana Jegadeesh

    Hi sir… Type1 diabetics curable or not

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