Why I'll NEVER Date a Girl Into Fitness

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  1. Traveling Infantry Veteran

    Boy you look like a boring guy to hangout with, You also look like someone that I would bullied. Lol 😆

  2. Charlie Martinson

    I find it sad that you rip on women who are into fitness.

    I hear the points you are making and some people have mentioned the difference between superficiality and being into fitness, but surely getting and being addicted to likes for any reason can be an unattractive quality?

    For example having a YouTube channel with millions of followers surely indicates that you’ve analysed and explored what it means to be successful on YouTube and, when you don’t get a lot of likes might feel sad or insecure?

    People post photos of themselves helping at church on social media too, people video themselves helping the ‘less fortunate’ – those are two qualities that in themselves might not necessarily be attractive if they’re only done for the pics – and not out of sincerity. Or even – if they are taken and the activity is still sincere do you think the problem is sharing it in the first place.

    I hear you that the issue is not necessarily with the activity, or the repetition of it, or the sharing of it, but of the excess and that dating someone who is excessive on something is unattractive, but I think the video as a whole lacks depth.

    It’s probably slightly controversial and aimed at men to get a particular target audience but I’m curious to hear what an updated version of this video would sound like.

  3. crushitwme

    You can’t just say you aren’t interested in them cause of the points you pointed out that are definitely NOT factual. Not all fit girls are like this, I’m a fit girl who love working out, but i also love improvements in overall aspects of my life, a goal, business, to become a better person and to love the people around me. This is definitely incorrect and whatever you said probably just your own experience but to generalize a fit girl, no.

  4. Leo Oz

    What did you expect? They are narcissists on steroids. Besides, a fitness model would probably never date you.

  5. Earnest Enlightens Souls

    Damn that's deep good knowledge of info

  6. 1234 56

    I don’t think they’d want you either so you’re good

  7. Simplified Fit

    Lol bro, just let people live their lives. Ain't nothing wrong about wanting to achieve a certain physique. At least, they dont go and harm other ppl

  8. B S

    I’ve loved your videos, but this one.. talk about stereotyping. I get there is a group of people that fit this category however, even for that small category, the gym for some people is the one thing they enjoy and are passionate about. You sound egotistical, stereotypical and just downright rude in this video. Consider this an unfollow! A lot of respect lost, what a shame.

  9. B B

    Thank you Alex, such great points you make!

  10. KomBat147

    New title: Why I'll NEVER data a girl obsessed only about fitness.
    Change your title, its click bait-y. Find yourself someone who is into being healthy and fit. stop generalizing that every woman who is doing fitness are somehow only into fitness.

  11. Daval Ddert

    You order a nice steak meal,loaded baked potato. She orders only a salad from the kids menu to keep calories down

  12. Waleed AL harthi

    😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 True

  13. Tori P.

    The title of this video is misleading.

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