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LA Fitness…why I canceled. These are all the reasons why the cancelation happened. LA fitness was my gym for 4 years, yet, there were some things that caused me to cancel. These things, are spoken in this video.
Ps: LA fitness is also now esporta fitness but her lets post it anyway


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For The Record – (Ooyy Remix) – Ooyy feat. HDBeenDope

Love For You – Sabai & Madalen Duke

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LA Fitness Tour | Winter Park, Florida | Orlando Ave

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RICH CELENZA and his daughter Demi Celenza take you inside the brand new LA Fitness (Signature) Center of Winter Park at 501 Orlando Ave #219, Winter Park, FL 32789. Rich has been going to this LA Fitness for many years. This specific gym was just a standard LA Fitness in which has been remodeled and upgraded to one of the most modern LA Fitnesses in Florida.

This new Gym is located in a great location. It is located in the Center of Winter Park Mall and is located right across from Winter Park Village. It is also just a few miles from the historic Park Ave, Winter Park.

The website for this gym is https://www.lafitness.com/Pages/clubhome.aspx?clubid=965&WINTER+PARK-Florida+GYUM&utm_source=google&utm_medium=googlemaps&utm_campaign=maps,
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  1. trever pitts

    The heaviest dumbbells I've seen or 125lb at Bailey's gym if you're doing dumbbell press then yes but there's no way your curling that kind of weight

  2. Yusaqh Wiff

    My local LA Fitness is awesome they have DJ’s on Thursday and Fridays, bunch of classes swimming pool racquetball and basketball court and an insane selection of free weights

  3. DetCarGuy Michigan

    The most annoying thing about LA Fitness is their free wifi! 95%+ of people in the gym sit on a machine for 10-20 minutes of which 18 minutes is them on their damn phone!!! My phone is in my locker, never with me when I'm working out! Of course if you approach them after 20 minutes of them texting and scanning social media, they just get rude and childish when you ask to use the machine while they're on their phones!

  4. M 3cinco

    I used to go to an la fitness and saw the same issues, but cancelled because they closed and opened in another town.

  5. Travis Andrews

    How could you not have a hot tube in the pool area?.!

  6. Travis Andrews

    Im going to Florida dearing the spring in April with my friends from la fitness at alsip bro

  7. T Jackson

    High-Intensity Interval Training. Studies show its better for fat burning than steady-state cardio.

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