Why Glucose is The MOST Important Thing to Track for Fat Loss & Longevity

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Why Glucose is The MOST Important Thing to Track for Fat Loss & Longevity- Thomas DeLauer

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro
1:18 – Testing Glucose & Better Food Choices
2:01 – Bioindividual Responses to Food
3:15 – High vs Low Glycemic Carbs
4:25 – Glucose & Fat Loss
6:06 – Use Code DELAUER to get 20% off Signos’ Continous Glucose Monitor
8:20 – Glucose Dips & Hunger
9:58 – Stress, Glucose & Fat Gain
11:26 – Exercise & Glucose Control
13:05 – Importance of Tracking Glucose

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  1. Nilima Mittal

    when my BG dips below 80, my hunger goes away. when my BG goes above 90 is when I get hungry. I can't figure out why this is the case. I have been keto carnivore for a few years now. is it b/c of ketone production and using fat for fuel when my BG drops?

  2. Ivan Miner

    It very unfortunate that Signos doesn't support the Diabetes T2 community. If you go to there site and identify as T2 they will not accept your submission and will not sent you Device and software access, only for the healthy people in the community not those trying to get healthier. Very exclusive non-inclusive company and only want to help those healthy people.

  3. Jody Rozin

    Just cannot stop listening to your videos! Hooked … for good reason.

  4. Nullus

    I love the content and I got excited in a previous video when you spoke of Signos and how affordable they’re supposed to be, but then I saw the $140/month price tag for a 6 month commitment with your discount and couldn’t afford it.

  5. Sandra Weise

    I just won't wear this ugly watch. Hard pass. I'd rather have the thing on the back of the arm. Their redirection page forces a cart entry. I am interested and have purchasing power but this method of use, ugly white watch and execution of marketing blew it for me. What a missed opportunity.

  6. Sarai R

    Started cgm monitoring Friday best decision i ever made! I didl?a series of eating experiments & finally found the source of my plateau
    STEViA spiked my glucose more than a slice of pizza! I would have never known Stevia was my enemy… to the garbage it went !

  7. JindSing

    I started using a cgm. What glucose levels should we be interested in maintaining/reaching for optimal fat loss?

  8. Karen G

    I belive I have my glucose under control with diet, and have now purchased Keto Mojo. For some reason I never get better reading than moderate with GKI. 🤔😕
    I really want to see that ideal area of fat burning.

  9. veramentegina

    Frankly I can't stand your videos. you are like a used car salesman. Hard to believe anything you say at this moment. You are always selling something.

  10. Lightbeing Pontifex

    my glucose is always perfect when I check it, and I don't use hospitals doctors or have any kind of health insurance,,,,

  11. Flora Dean

    Nice video, I diagnosed with T1 and use the FreeStyle Libre sensor with Blucon transmitter, I track blood glucose readings on watch and phone constantly and the phone gives alarm notifications when the glucose is out of range.

  12. Jose Carranza

    Hi Thomas and thank you for all the great info you share with us. With regards to glucose, do you have any info on the Castelli Indices I and II…?

  13. Patti Rowland

    I've had my Signos cgm for 30 days and it's just fantastic. When you log your food before you eat it will (after a few weeks) give you predictions if this will cause a spike and what exercise you can do (when, duration, intensity) to reduce the spike. will alert you to a fast spike and tell you what exercise you should do to address that. You go through a journey – Play (get to know each other and have fun learning about your glucose), learn (the different ways you can control glucose to lose weight) , explore (They've provided tools to control glucose, this journey see's what you can do with those tools), Train (train your mind and body to connect the dots of all you've learned). Each Journey can be a week or more, with different activities each day. I just started Train after 30 days don't know what is next. Seriously a game changer when it comes to prescriptive and predictive analytics using your glucose and nutrition data. It's supported by a great website, instagram and FB community. I really am enjoying Signos.

  14. Brandon Jon

    Says the code is invalid, but boy are these expensive

  15. Anthony Burch

    I use a CGM and love the data I can gleam from it. I discovered sauna usage causes almost as great of a glucose spike as bread!! What does this mean? If I use the sauna during a fast, does it break my fast? Should I avoid the sauna? Thanks for all your videos!

  16. Gianna Jade

    This sounds like Marty Kendal's program at the Optimising Nutrition Channel who created the program Data Driven Fasting. He is a professiional engineer and has created
    this program to help people with diabetes and insulin resistance. He has helped a lot of people get their insulin under control and lose weight. I have been using a blood glucose
    monitor and it has help me get my insulin under control and get my cravings under control.

  17. Donna Gaines

    Please do a video showing glucose numbers and hoe you would respond. Nobody gives numbers and subsequent actions taken. I'm so frustrated.

  18. Sam Elder

    What's the easiest (affordable) way to monitor glucose? These CGMs seem quite expensive. Are those cheap pinprick tests with strips effective to get at least a basic sense of one's glucose levels?

  19. Say Cheese!

    Best continuous glucose monitor out there

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