Why Diabetics Are Making Homemade Insulin

Why Diabetics Are Making Homemade Insulin
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Why Diabetics Are Making Homemade Insulin

Insulin is a life-saving drug for diabetics. Since 2002, the price has more than tripled and some diabetics can’t afford it. People have died rationing their doses, and some are turning to other countries to buy it at a cheaper price.

Now, there’s a team of biohackers called the Open Insulin Project in Oakland, California who are trying to make it.

The project was co-founded by Anthony Di Franco. He’s a type 1 diabetic who is trying to prove there are easier, cheaper ways to make insulin rather than rely on the big manufacturers like Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi.

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Why Diabetics Are Making Homemade Insulin
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  1. Anderson Parl


  2. Jenny

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  4. Emerald Kimble

    The pigs insulin is one amino acid different from human

  5. Tony Brown

    You can buy insulin, over the counter, without a prescription, from the Walmart pharmacy. It costs $25 for a vile. They have both long-acting and fast acting. I use it all the time and it works well. Just call them and ask if they have Relion N and Relion R. N is long-acting and R is fast acting.

  6. Bevan Fletcher

    In New Zealand the maximum you pay for insulin is $100 per year.

  7. Steve Garwood

    Now there is a shortage of insulin. Go figure. Admelog is nowhere to be found in Oregon.

  8. Andrea David Edelman

    The reason why it's priced so high is because you can ask any amount of money if they are gonna die without it duh CNBC!!!

  9. Koray Kumru

    The person who taught me how to braid hair died because they could not afford insulin.

  10. swide

    let all be honest 9/11 changed the world for the worse

  11. DocDave77

    You can buy insulin at Walmart for $25 per vial, without a prescription.

  12. northy Land

    i have a job with insurance…. I pay $30 every two months for insulin. and another $30 for needles.. All that 26 year old boy that died needed to do was get a job with insurance. I think the boy was probably Tarted with a capitol R. One idiot dying does not make a crisis.

  13. Lady Bookworm

    It is still a death sentence to people who can't afford it… so in reality nothing much has changed but people getting rich off it

  14. Bradiq

    These businesses aren’t your friend, they aren’t here to help you. They are here to milk every last cent they can out of you before you keel. This is the way of the modern American monopolies, and the government will do nothing because they are more than useless.

  15. Маша Трам

    that is soooo crazy. So happy i left the states. Beautiful country, beautiful people, but everything is so "commercialized". When it comes to making profit human life has no value.

  16. Miami Bad Boy BOSS

    I just found out that I am T2 and am currently on Synjardy and Ozempic. I was told that Walmart sells insulin for $25. Is this not true?

  17. TheKeithvidz

    Politicians pretend argue – bought by those 3 firms as with any other part of the US health industry.
    $17 a box in Mexico, Americans run to get.

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