Why are my Morning Fasting Blood Sugar Levels high?

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Do you experience it?

Morning Fasting sugar more than night PP?
No matter how less you eat at night, morning sugars remain high
Fasting is greater 120/130 with normal PPs (less then 140) and you are without tablets?
Do you get confused how the extra sugar came in the blood despite not eating anything at night???

About Dr. Pramod Tripathi
Dr. Pramod Tripathi, founder of Freedom from Diabetes, Pune.
People call him one wise brain, compassionate heart, and enlightening soul.
He is on a mission to make 100,000 Diabetics free of insulin and medicines.
He continuously spreads his knowledge so that many more become free soon!
His researchful, innovative, empathetic, scientific, and spiritual approach to human existence has empowered him to refill thousands of lives with the sweetness of joy and excitement.

About Freedom from Diabetes
Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) is an organization that specializes in DIABETES REVERSAL and enables the creation of healthier families!
It has innovated a unique approach that consists of a four-pronged protocol of DIET, EXERCISE, INNER TRANSFORMATION, and MEDICAL that is perfected over years of research and hard work.

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  2. Creator Bhanu

    Telugu translation required sir

  3. Audrey Nicoletti

    English I don't understand you.

  4. Vinod Kumar Gupta

    मेरा HbA1c तो 5.3 हैं लेकिन फास्टिंग शुगर 125 – 130 के आसपास रहता हैं।
    एक साल पहले शुगर डिटेक्ट हुआ था। मैं अल्टरनेट डे में GluconormG1 का एक टैबलेट ले रहा हूं।

  5. Sk Khan

    My fasting sugar going 160 to 172 I'm not taking tablets any harm in future?

  6. vidhya nagargoje

    Sir Mai 1sal pahale he come hone ke Karan 2bag blood lay Liya us time say muse sugar ho Gaye Hai, today my fasting sugar 130 ,/ pp 149 Hai Mai subha-sham 3-4 km. Ghumti hu. Cam Karnak ke liy Kay kare

  7. Shabnamwaseem Khanooni

    Thank you sir..
    Your suggestions are really helping me in wt loss and sugar control

  8. mahitha channel

    Fasting blood sugar 63 please guide me

  9. Ibrahim Shahdad

    Sir first I thank you for your good teaching on morning high nos. as you said It is a body phenomenon.. to help us to do our normal
    Work early in the morning.
    My question is that I am 84 of age and my morning Blood sugar NO.remains about 120 to 124 always . I am not talking any medicine whatsoever.
    My 2 hours after B F blood sugar shows 114 to 117.. This is after taking a good B F. PORCH, NUTS WALNUTS, ALMONDS. PUMPKIN SEEDS,
    I WAS A
    always feeling fine. I am also a regular morning and evening walker and exercise workout person.
    I have some craving for sweet dessert and for for few weeks I did eat desserts.
    Yesterday I did HB AIC TEST and results show 7.16 .
    This is first time it has happened to me.
    Can I reduce this No. 7.16 by stopping sweet and dessert and by being cautious about my food items ..
    I don’t want to be a victim of medication. PLEASE ADVICE . THANK YOU.

  10. Saima Altaf

    My blood sugar fasting 96 97 but I am pregnant. Ya range ktni honi chye fasting m pregnancy m

  11. Nofeetbird X

    on the one way, he said the previous dinner didn’t affect the dawn effect. on the other way, the previous should be taken before 7pm and did some exercise. Are they contradicted?


    My morning blood sugar before breakfast is 65 ?? Good or bad

  13. Sangeeta Arekar

    Am also facing same problem . Fasting is on the higher side and PP is lower side , Hba1c is 9.8
    Please guide me

  14. Gas110 Manu

    Sir mein koi dawa le sakta hu isme yaa nai ek doctor ne mujhe metforbin lene bola hai mujhe sirf 1 month se aisa ho raha hai

  15. navanath malave

    Kabhi kabhi fasting 101/105 ata hai , random sugar 100/115 ati hai
    PP – 110/120 hai

  16. Anil Meena

    My Fasting Blood sugar is 319 and FPP is 470 ..
    My C-peptide is 0.47 , insulin resistance % is 79
    What should I do now???

  17. akindele akinbayo

    Then of what use is the morning fasting sugar test?

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