WHOOP 4.0 vs Apple Watch 7 – Don't Make This Mistake!

WHOOP 4.0 vs Apple Watch 7 – Don't Make This Mistake!
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WHOOP 4.0 vs Apple Watch 7 - Don't Make This Mistake!

For 2 years I’ve worn the Whoop Strap & Apple Watch. I’ll compare the Whoop vs Apple Watch in 2022. Here’s my final verdict & final review – which product can change your life & your fitness? I’ll share how they can motivate you to workout more, sleep better & keep you fit in 2022.

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WHOOP 4.0 vs Apple Watch 7 – Don’t Make This Mistake!
WHOOP 4.0 vs Apple Watch 7 – Why This Fitness Tracker Wins Hands Down
Why This Fitness Tracker Beats Apple Watch
Why This Tracker is More Accurate

Whoop Strap 4.0
Whoop vs Apple Watch Series 7
Whoop 4.0 vs Apple Watch
Apple Watch vs Whoop 4.0
Apple Watch Series 7 vs Whoop 4.0
Whoop Strap vs Apple Watch
Apple Watch vs Whoop Strap
Why This Fitness Tracker Wins Hands Down (WHOOP 4.0 vs Apple Watch)
Why This One Wins Hands Down (WHOOP 4.0 vs Apple Watch)
This One Is The Best
Don’t Make This Mistake

00:00 Intro
00:39 Apple Watch vs WHOOP
01:15 Battery Life
01:34 Fitness
04:08 Recovery & Sleep
04:28 Data/Metrics
05:18 Journaling
06:34 Health Monitor
07:12 Social Features & Community
09:13 Why I Wear Both
10:05 Price
10:45 Shipping Times

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Video Rating: / 5

Video Rating: / 5

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    So Apple Watch ultra is $800 and the whoop is $30 per month subscription. The ultra comes with much more other features besides fitness and stuff and continues to get better. Not to mention the trade in or resale value on the Apple Watch are pretty good so you could after your first initial purchase upgrade like every two years. So for example, let’s say after. 24months you upgrade you get $400 trade in and now owe $400 on a new Apple Watch you Wear it again for 24 months /400 = 16.7 per month. So to me it seems the best value long term is to make initial investment on flagship Apple Watch and upgrade over time to keep your monthly cost down. Even if you add insurance and cellular data it’s value is still less than $30 subscription model from whoop. So I can’t justify getting whoop unless the value is around $18-20 then I’d buy it


    Loved this video. Straight to the point. 🔥

  3. Welchs92

    Dose bluetooth need to be turned on everytime your using the whoop app?

  4. Siobhan Melliere

    I love your videos. Do you have any information on Whoop 4.0 vs the Apple Watch Ultra? My Ultra will arrive soon and I am considering purchasing a Whoop also.

  5. MrMuffin

    I wish apple made a strap like whoop. I can’t wear a watch during my soccer games

  6. esprit009 Screwu

    Be absolutely clear that Whoop’s sleep tracker is highly flawed. Last night it recorded that I was “awake” for 4 hours and 35 minutes. Absolute nonsense.

  7. Jona

    dude i want to have a whoop in my every day underwear so i dont notice it at all

  8. Don Shah

    I need to see this vaccine feature you mentioned! LOL

  9. Elliot Thomas

    i love the idea of the whoop as something more discreet and hidden, but i cannot justify that monthly fee, especially on top of gym membership etc.

  10. Igor D

    Great great great video. Very informative. Helped me understand that this is not about perfect data feedback but about driving behavior change.

  11. Mike Nowitzki

    Do you know if you’re able to do a pause on the whoop monthly sub, as I train around 6 months out of the year for Triathalon and it wouldn’t be that useful for me the other half year. Thanks!

  12. Muhammad Alfarhan

    الله يسد نحرك

  13. ElliotEndures

    Whoop not tracking steps is the ONLY reason I don't have one. The company is dead wrong on that topic.

  14. Jack ameoff

    I'm sure your 5000 viewers will say the same

  15. Joe Kae

    maybe i missed this out, but an overview over the available healthmarkers tracked per system would have been helpful

  16. Chase Kelvington

    Well bro, I was considering getting a whoop in addition to my Apple Watch…now I am convinced

  17. Lorena Oli

    ¡gracias! Me ayudó a saber cómo cargar mi reloj

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