What to expect at an Orange Theory Fitness Class | Keltie O'Connor

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I bring you guys on a Full Day of Eating. Thank you Premier Protein for sponsoring this video! I show what I eat for breakftas, lunch, dinner, snack and more. All healthy meal ideas that are fast wuick and cheap. I talk about how I eat things such as sushi, bread, carbs, ice cream, sugar, coffee etc and still maintain my weight. We talk about protein post workout, post workout meal, intermittent fasting. Also dive into the topic of fear foods and how I eat them. If you guys want more fdoe (full days of eating) let me know down in the comments!

If you’re new to my channel welcome! I’m a lover of all different sports, types of fitness, with a craving for adrenaline. Who love experimenting with new fitness trends, to see if they live up to the hype. Encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone & do that one thing you’ve always been scared to try. By taking on any challenge thrown my way. I also dive into what to wear, where to workout, athletic apparel, dogs, brunch, shambles with my friends, and whatever other shenanigans life throws at me. Just a cliche girl trying to live her best life, hoping to inspire you to do the same. Thanks for stopping by!


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About Me:
A sporty spice girl living in a pumpkin spice world. Hi I’m Keltie, and you can think of me as your friendly neighbourhood fit chick! A former college basketball player turned Sports Model & fitness youtube/Instagrammer. Now travelling around Canada trying different workouts, sports, & fitness trends…. or just trying to pet all the dogs.

Here you’ll find behind the scene videos of all kinds of workouts & sports, experimenting with different fitness & health trends, athletic apparel reviews, fashion try-on’s/hauls, and whatever else life throws at me!

What to expect at an Orange Theory Fitness Class | Keltie O’Connor

Keltie O’Connor
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  1. Brittany Proulx

    I’m going for my orientation class this Friday and I have really bad social anxiety so thank you so much for this video it gave me a really good idea to what I was walking into !❤️❤️❤️

  2. Kasie Prejean

    Taking my first OTF class next week!!

  3. Sophia Idrissi

    Booked my first class. 😬I am terrified. This covid weight has to go. Gotta get movin. Need motivation n i aint no athlete so this will def do. Great vid. Thank uuuuui

  4. Rhonda B

    Love this series! I'm looking around for a groove and this helps SO much. Much love girl!

  5. Armyguy Autographs

    I just started orange theory I love it

  6. Dee Jaaay

    You are so attractive. I'd take you out in a heartbeat if I could.

  7. Keira Anstett

    Honestly best investment I’ve made. Love OTF, great video! New subscriber from Sauga. ❤️

  8. Ell Doe

    I've been doing OT for over a year now and I still love it

  9. Ethan K

    Terrible rowing form lol how did they not correct you?

  10. mark seifried

    I've done two classes and have been working out for many decades. I would absolutely recommend Orange theory workouts!! In a class setting it's easier to stay fast paced for the one hour class. Everyone was dripping wet after class. I believe you will lose weight, improve your cardio, look and feel younger, and help sculpt your body by doing these workouts. You don't typically get this kind of effort working out at a regular gym or doing P 90 X at home. Don't be afraid; just take a step and do a class. Mark in SW Florida.

  11. Rachel R

    Does anyone know how OT compares to Barry’s? I LOVE Barry’s, but moved recently and there’s no Barry’s but there’s an OT nearby.

  12. Nancy Lanier

    What was the music on this video. I liked it

  13. emily

    I wish I could do something like this! Unfortunately I would probably throw up from the anxiety of
    loud music/crowded room plus intense training

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