What It's Like To Get Laser Eye Surgery

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Business Insider’s Michelle Yan has been nearsighted since she was 9 years old. After laser eye surgery, she has 20/20. She walks us through the pre-surgery steps, the actual surgery, as well as the recovery process.

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What It’s Like To Get Laser Eye Surgery
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This medical animation depicts Laser Eye Surgery, a procedure that permanently changes the shape of the cornea, the clear covering over the front of the eye.
#lasik #eye #cornea
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  1. Lugoor Star

    9:20 the laughing "I hate you" is the best response I could imagine.

  2. Lexi Paul

    I dont have glasis but if you do dont worry ecsept how you are.🤗

  3. Cat Io

    I don’t want to see 29/20 I’ll stay with 30/45

  4. Thomas Trujillo

    Why did u make this video my eyes been watery for 9 hours

  5. Imli Jamir

    I also have been wearing glasses for more than 8 years..so I'm also decided to do surgery like you

  6. Guess Me

    omg so we wake up when do this surgery and see the whole thing?? im scared :'

  7. Jordan

    $1500 per eye…. heh…. my best quote rn is $2400 per eye……..

  8. Waveliner

    What's the difference between anti biotic and anti inflammatory eye drops?
    Pain 11/10 😅

  9. Alex Gee

    to see the title i need to zoom in 400% without glasses and im still young so my eye sight will become worse over time

  10. Happybokkie

    Bro im getting a eye surgery when im 18 im never doing that it looks scary

  11. It’s not a masterpiece, it’s a mistake.

    I wanna know who came up with the idea to use a tool that causes blindness to fix the blindness.

  12. JakeFilmzProduction

    That looks like ti would hurt having your eyes open for like about 15 minutes, and with tape over your eye

  13. Lazy Productions inc

    I’m sorry if this sounds dumb but I thought it was a surgery that makes you get eyes that let you shoot lazers 😂

  14. National Wrestling Alliance [ROBLOX]


  15. MyrtleMan

    Why was she so bratty? I wanted to learn not hear her complain about how it wasn’t ready early

  16. Michelle Troche

    Bro my name is Michelle too

  17. DUMBcat

    Really Painful ,
    Thank Goodness i’m not blind
    Also I’m Sorry Rn if i will comment on your video i like being everywhere
    I comment on every video or smth

  18. The Elsie show

    My eyes are moist because I cry a lot

  19. Brad Ting

    wait if the procedure requiresyou to keep your eyes open , do you see the blades going in your eye etc?

  20. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    reminds me of that one scene in Dead Space 2

  21. Wolf Rawrrr

    its amazing how even after thousands of years of development, we are medically basically still butchers, only high-tech

  22. bill budnic

    Had this surgery 15 years ago. Waking up the next morning and seeing the ceiling fan in my bedroom crystal clear was a life changing moment. So glad I had the surgery. It sounds scarier than it is. Was done in 15 minutes.

  23. Hitesh nayak

    My sight is -10 can I have this surgery?

  24. Mike Schulte

    Say what lasik stands for 5 times really fast bet can’t do it without messing up that if u can remember it

  25. Odd Fellow

    I feel like I wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to blink and that’s whats stopping me


    Is the effect temporary or permanent?

  27. Hasan Nasir

    About to perform LASIK for the first time thanks for the quick tutorial

  28. tfcd program

    i was worried about my eye surgery tomorrow. good thing this video will help me walk through it on my patient

  29. kev S

    Who else had to pause the video once you herd a blade will be used to cut your cornea lol. 😞

  30. 📽꧁SlitnyAaw⃢eriツ GamingYT꧂•SSB2GAMES•


  31. Shadowmewie

    No like I literally have no option I have to get laisk the worst part is the comments are not helping please 😭

  32. Chick plays

    * watch phone for 15hours eyes burn eyes gone *

  33. Viraj Bhimani

    In all seriousness, beware of some side effects like glare, starbursts and halo. I had LASIK in February- 2021. I still see glare at night. Although have to say, the daytime vision is near perfect. In rare cases like mine, the side effects may last forever.

  34. Josh Baquiano

    After the eye surgery: credit card declines
    the ophthalmologist: take those eyes

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