What it's like going to the GYM in January

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Happy new year to everyone. Have a save 2020. We know that gyms will be crowded and full in january because new years resolutioners now have a reset point where they can change themselves, and start from the beginning, leaving bad habits behind. But we also know,
that this lasts only for 1 or 2 months. So here is Why the gym is hell on earth in january.
Hope you all have a good start in this year.



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Involuntary Beats – Lightweight Baby

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  1. Britloves Quincy

    Having a spotter on the leg machine when the person has way too much weight on it happened all the time when I went to the gym in the morning

  2. HADES Music

    That guy did have a tiny ass 😂 probably from quarter squatting

  3. Sōsuke Aizen

    1:17 this is an actual exercise, the dumbbell pullover. However he is doing it with bad form.

  4. Corion2121

    We veterans know to take the month of January off from the gym. Come February 1st, the gyms will be empty again.

  5. Douglas Schickinger

    I touched it, I touched it, 😂😂😂😂

  6. Trevor Turek

    HEY!! What happened to "Everybody wants to be a body-builder…?!?!

  7. Ehrenberger

    God help us… it’s nearing that time again.

  8. TheCaffeineGod

    when the snow comes they take off like birds

  9. Entrep Mobile Detailing

    Man I tell you what I don't often, genuinely, laugh out loud at videos but yout r content gets me every time without fail hahaha

  10. Vendor Unknown

    02:10 ha ha haa 😀
    "I will catch you little tiny ass in case something happens "

  11. Gabe Myself

    Catch his tiny Donald Trump lmao

  12. Marz8999

    To catch his little Donald Trump.

  13. someguyinky

    OE Fitness is my new favorite YouTube channel! This guy's jokes are great.

  14. Rehan Anwar

    Tiny Donald trump 🤦‍♂️

  15. Qhirino Ramirez

    It’s Worst now.. when spring is coming and the gym has a one 1$ sign up fee..

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