What Is Type 1 Diabetes? | 2 Minute Guide | Diabetes UK

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Type 1 diabetes affects 10% of people with diabetes in the UK. It is a serious, lifelong condition where your blood glucose level is too high because your body can’t make a hormone called insulin.

The symptoms of type 1 diabetes include feeling very tired, needing to wee a lot, feeling extremely thirsty and losing weight. These symptoms can come on very quickly, so if you have any of these symptoms see a doctor as soon as possible.

For more information about type 1 diabetes go to our website: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/type-1-diabetes


We are Diabetes UK. Our vision is a world where diabetes can do no harm.

We’re leading the fight against the UK’s biggest and growing health crisis. And it’s a fight that involves us all – sharing knowledge and taking on diabetes together.

Visit our site for support and advice: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/
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This 3D animation explains the causes, symptoms and treatment of Type 1 Diabetes. Type 1 Diabetes is a condition in which your pancreas does not produce insulin, a hormone your body needs to maintain proper blood sugar levels. Without insulin, glucose cannot get into your cells, so they are starved for the calories they should be receiving from glucose. In addition, the glucose level builds up in your bloodstream, resulting in a condition called hyperglycemia. If you have Type I diabetes, your goal is to keep your blood glucose within a normal range. This is done through a combination of proper insulin replacement, monitoring your blood glucose and, just as importantly, eating a healthy diet and getting regular exercise.

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  1. Lactose The Intolerant

    I was diagnosed at age 3!

  2. Wesley Hinson

    I think it's really important to educate ourselves on type1 diabetes, – what it does to the body – what to do if you have it, and how to prevent it. contact dr.oyalo for natural cure on his channel. i got cured with his remedy.

  3. Jay Lennon

    I’m diabetes I am 8 and I was 1 wen I got it😀

  4. The Stick fox

    I’m 10 I have type 1 diabetes

  5. Charles Scott

    My daughter drinks lots of water and urinates with the same rate, there are no other symptoms to show if those have anything to do with diabetes. This is a good information that I have gone through Diabets.Care She is 2 years 9 months, hale and healthy, have not done any blood test. But I am not certain if one can get diabetes at such a tender age. Please I will like to know more on that

  6. Samantha Mitchell Prete

    If your type one and have a child would your child have it or is there a chance ?

  7. Robby Santiago

    thank you for this informative material, My wife ha s daughter with type 1 and we made a short clip on the topic as well about the new low sugar level in the 70s VS 100-150
    my best to you all!

  8. Gee F

    The question is, what causes type 1 diabetes..

  9. VSCO Squad

    Thank you for this I sent this to all my friends so they could understand what it is. I was diagnosed at 9

  10. Rowan

    I'm so grateful for Diabetes UK and the work they do, it was a little infographic paper manual from Diabetes UK I was given at the hospital when I was diagnosed that pretty much taught me everything I needed to know. DAFNE course and book helped a lot too- but that was later.

  11. Krishna Sathiababu

    Very informative, thanks to so macha, berrrrryyyyyy usefull i tell uuuuuu

  12. Korsalath

    I've heard type 2 diabetics can also develop type 1 diabetes and then require insulin. Is it possible that the medication prior to taking insulin could cause the need for insulin?

  13. loop toop

    Just yesterday I got to know that I have diebetes type 1 and I am just 15 I used to sleep a lot i was so lazy that I couldn’t even walk I used drink water alot and go to washroom several times a day it’s been a day since I am admitted at hospital and it really suck here expcially the food 😭😭

  14. newstuff

    What does islam has to do in a diabetes video. KEEP IDEOLOGIES OUT

  15. yeet

    I was diagnosed today lol I needed some infos

  16. Robininthehood

    You're body makes the glucose that it needs. Don't add more through the diet.

  17. Torbjorn P gaming

    I have type 1 when i was 9-10

  18. I'm inside your walls

    I would rather have cancer than t1d…I'm so sick of living with this shit

  19. Rosa Flores

    HELLOOO!!! Soy de México, muchas felicidades me gusto mucho la explicación, y unos colores hermosos. GRACIAS

  20. JetsFan68

    I'm so glad my parents kinda let me do everything by myself. I'm 15 and some of the people at the diabetes camp that are my age have their mom/dad do EVERYTHING for them. I'm glad i have more freedom than most and I sympathize for the kids whose parents are actual helicopters

  21. moon

    Amazing videos thanks alot 👌🏼💕

  22. Brandon

    1st step to be in a state of ketosis; get diabetes ✅

  23. peanut sans

    i mistook the title as type 1 diahrrea

  24. Alex Nabuyaka

    This channel is the best in giving content l will invite. My patients here


    Nice video very helpful 👍 thanks 😊

  26. giovanni brito

    Wao very interesting videos, it don't get better Than that. more clear than there get damage!

  27. Nandini Tiwari

    I literally throwed the cookie I was eating while watching this….

  28. Anjali Santhanakumar

    I cannot understand the condition ketoacidosis …anyone help.Explain to me…guys

  29. William Gentry

    I’ve had T1 diabetes for over 13 years now. For whatever reason, I’m just now starting to care about it. Still not understanding the science of it all, but this video is very helpful. And it helps me appreciate the technological advancements taking place. Like, it blows my mind that I have essentially an artificial pancreas in my pocket that will automatically monitor and track my blood glucose throughout the day. That’s insane. A few years ago I don’t think I could dream of that. Things are looking up for diabetics, I’d say.

  30. Nelatur Sridhar

    S absolutely people can learn from nucleus media you tube channel better than in the classroom of a science college. Hats off to the guys who made every video a picture perfect.

  31. Clairey Mac

    I have just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after being rushed to hospital unaware I had diabetes. I am trying to find out as much information as possible about my new diagnosis.

  32. Louise Ditlevsen

    When she talked ab what would happen with high blood sugar i waited for her to say die so bad but she didn't witch is wrong

  33. Matthew Crossland

    White blood cells when they see cancer:
    White blood cells when they see beta cells:

  34. Momotaro T

    High blood sugar also causes chronic heart failure

  35. Arianna ford

    I am cure from diabetes type1 I and I am happy

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