What is Insulin Resistance?

What is Insulin Resistance?
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What is Insulin Resistance?

It is important to understand what is Insulin Resistance when it comes to diabetes. Sometimes referred to as “prediabetes”, insulin resistance results from abnormal levels of insulin in the blood. If left unchecked insulin resistance can lead to diabetes. This video explains, (in a way you have never seen before!) what is insulin resistance and how it happens. It discusses the role of the pancreas and of insulin. Written by endocrinologists Dr. Susan Kim and Dr. Christopher Palmeiro and produced by Doctablet®

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Insulin Resistance: What is Prediabetes?

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  1. Alexander Hoh

    I know that´s not the topic of the video…but this line got me:

    In busissenes infaltion is generally tought to be bad for the econnomy! ..?


    To much inflation is bad, but a little bit is good. Defalation is way worse.

  2. beetroor

    im 15 years old and i just found out i have insulin resistance.

  3. Steven B

    What if you have hyperinsulinemia with this? How does that work? Is there lots of insulin in the pancreas or is there lots of insulin in the blood??

  4. sendai haranomachi

    Still it doesn't explain what makes insulin resistance is formed. What does it happen? Why the body resists insulin?

  5. Chetan Dhirhi

    Can a skinny persion get insulin resistance?

  6. PinoyAko

    The only YT video that made it easy for me to understand IR! Great job!

  7. Artist Dino Leaf

    Tbh, I'm a type 1 Diabetic and I'm scared that the Insulin I get from the Doctor, is gonna cause insulin resistance, so that my sugar is always gonna stay high and not be low.

    I do eat healthy and exercise, it's just I'm scared something goes, wrong! =(

  8. Robert Ǝ Lee

    so USA is Insulin Resistance right now

  9. Qbhi

    Having high fbs and high triglycerides can mean insulin resistance?

    Does having insulin resistance mean the client is automatically diabetic?

  10. Gabby's Life!!

    Is this why I'm always tired?

  11. John F

    Resistantance absorb blocks cell absorption

  12. John F

    Here s the kicker , giving a consumer more insulin when a problem with diabetes or insulin resistance won’t work fix insulin resistance then lose weight low sugar no bread

  13. مفيش فايده

    very very nc and easy to understand

  14. v6d6

    What is IR? When and how it happens? Analogy does not explain what IR is.

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