What is a normal blood sugar level?

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Berestrand Williams, MD FAAP is a board-certified primary care doctor at Mount Sinai Doctors, seeing patients of all ages Monday – Friday in Greenwich Village. Trained in Connecticut and Massachusetts, he is certified by the American Board of Pediatrics and the American Board of Internal Medicine and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American College of Physicians. After majoring in Biology and graduating with honors at Harvard University, he was awarded his medical degree from the University of Connecticut’s School of Medicine and completed two residencies – one in Internal Medicine at Boston University’s Boston City Hospital and another in Pediatrics at the combined Boston University School of Medicine – Harvard Pediatric Residency Program. Prior to joining Mount Sinai Doctors, he practiced at the East Boston Neighborhood Health Center for nine years and then served as Chief of Primary Care at Concentra Urgent Care and Family Medicine Center. He has been nationally recognized, receiving the Surgical Scholars Award in 1987 and the AOL Foundation Grant: Franciscan Children’s Hospital in 2001. He has written several publications, including Al. Cardiovascular Collapse Treated with Hemodiaysis, Journal of Critical Care Medicine, January 1991. Dr. Williams is fluent in Spanish.

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You may be surprised to know how much glucose is in your blood.

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  1. Diksha Thakur

    Meri maa ko diabeties thi 10 saal se or 3 sal se unhhe engreji dawayi chalu thi but unn dawayi se maa ki tabiyat thik nahi ho rahi thi uske baad maa ki Sugar badh ti hi jaa rahi thi control me nahi aaa rahi thi sugar 340 se kam nahi ho paa rahi thi fir muzhe mere ek dost ne ek ayurvedic medicine ke baare me bataya bet capsule and livcon capsule maine maa ke liye vo medicine Amazon se mangwayi or meri maa ne use kr na suru kr diya abhi maa ka sugar control me hai or dhire dhire engreji dawayi b band ho gayi ab meri maa sirf bet capsule and livcon capsule use kr ti hai aap b use kijiye best dawai hai_.(^^)( ◜‿◝ )♡

  2. Joseph Woods

    this is a stupid test -check your insulin

  3. Karen Harris

    then I been told wrong. How to keep it below 100.? I hate going hungry.

  4. Dorothy Putz

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  7. C Low Ray

    Hi Dr
    I have just been diagnosed T2D. My 3 month ave was 104. Cholesterol was 0. I was prescribed metformin 500mg and told how to introduce it to my body.
    HOWEVER, I;m not happy with the eventuality of becoming a slave to meds. I'm 64 and want to reverse it with a low/no carb diet and have researched it. Am I safe to ignore the metformin and undertake, with mmol blood checker, this low/no carb diet being mindful that I may encounter glycomic symptoms and need an occasional boost to my sugar levels.
    C Low Ray

  8. Jason Wedlock

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  20. gill hall

    It is about time more Drs spoke up to challenge the faulty carbohydrate premise, anyone interested in lowing blood sugar levels and controlling diabetes should also look at USA Dr Ken Berry who is trying his hardest to educate people,both inside and outside of the medical profession. Well done to this enlightened British dr also.

  21. Dan Ford

    You never bothered to mention what the normal glucose level is, the number. Your lack of this number made your video useless, I wasted my time. Thanks for nothing!

  22. Alan Boo

    I have set my normal levels are fasting below 120 and post prandial below 160 and my blucon senses if levels are ahead and it beeps an alarm.in case of low or high sugar

  23. Mureed Nassif

    Diabetes is a silent killer & you can make it your best friend or your worst nightmare. It's one of those diseases, if ignored will creep up on you. To show how serious diabetes is more than 450 million people are diabetic world wide & in the USA every, for mins a person is added to the kidney transplant list. Having said that the sooner you take action the more likely you are in increasing your life expectancy in combating obisity, high blood pressure, brain annurysim, kidney disease, blindness & gangerine. Just look up the side effects & symptoms & speak to your doctor, specialist & dietitian, because prevention is certainly better than a cure. Having said that diabetes is reversible. For example I reversed my kidney functioning from 11% to 70%, after dialysis & taking drastic action. The reason IAM saying this is because I had a stroke, which I don't want anyone to go through. I used to be able to easily wash the car , do house work & drive & do 35 consecutive push-ups. But after my stroke I can't even do 1 pushup, drive or jog & I have to 1 hour physio twice a week. Having said that you can still enjoy your junk food, once a week in 5 day intervals. If you only know what's its like, how to feel how something that takes you 4% effort, after a stroke it will take you 70% effort. By the way stroke is the second killer behind hear disease globally. You certainly can't place a price on your health. If it was up to me I will implement a health plan system for people in different stages of their health. Exercise is very important. Don't take your health for granted, because it's not worh it. Eventually your new healthy diet & 3 times a week exercise will become a habit & you'll live a very satisfied long life up to 80+ if you take action now before it's to late. For example I eat every 5 day intervals. Saturdays MacDonald's breakfast & Thursday KFC lunch. Then I skip a week, then Saturday & Thursday etc. Also never cure depression with binge eating, because your better off going to the gym, washing the car, & doing the lawn & house work, because after a stroke you won't be able to do any of these things. Avoid the pit of 🔥 at all costs. Oh also when my kidney functioning was 11%, I had Edema, which is a swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in your body's tissues. But now I have mild Edema & don't wear compression socks.

  24. Tami Burge

    I'm sorry but I didn't hear you say what a normal blood glucose level was. Just add glucose to water. 1 is same as what is on mine. 2 is diabetes. Click bate if you ask me.

  25. Maureen o'brien

    But what is a normal level…I am still clueless after this video…is it 70/80/90???

  26. Alford Lau

    Thank you for your concise explanation. It helps me to understand the topic.

  27. Paul Salvaterra

    Those small frequent meals will kill u for sure

  28. lorin wegand

    I thought I would be shown numbers on the meter and the correct, healthy numbers corresponding with different age groups. Borrrrring!

  29. Amulya Kudchadkar

    you have not answered your own question what is normal glucose in mg% in blood

  30. LJ Marzula

    I'm sorry but you sound like Dr. Hannibal Lecter when you say "diabetes".😁

  31. Alex Katsimeros

    so what is a normal level 5.0 or 10.5 you haven't told us you just showed how fine the the tipping point between high and low glucose is . misleading title.

  32. Hammer USN

    I was on metformin for about 10 years. The doctor said keep carbs to 40 or less per meal…. my glucose levels were NEVER good. I went on a KETO diet, and 2 meals a day. Now my glucose level averages roughly 95…. ! I have lost alot of pounds and stomach fat . I average about 15 carbs….PER DAY, with NO MORE metformin.

  33. better soc

    do not buy 'Relion' Walmart, nonreturnable, each meter is inaccurate, no switch to turn power off, sound volume is not adjustable / employee said in CVS, returnable / Rite Aid, returnable if box is not open, confirm in document [not verbally OK returnable]

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