What I Would Change About Diabetes! (D-Blog Week: Day 4!)

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Thursday of Diabetes Blog Week has arrived!! What would you change about diabetes if you could?
New video every single day from May 11th – 17th!

Today’s Topic Description: “Changes – Thursday 5/14”
Today let’s talk about changes, in one of two ways. Either tell us what you’d most like to see change about diabetes, in any way. This can be management tools, devices, medications, people’s perceptions, your own feelings – anything at all that you feel could use changing. OR reflect back on some changes you or your loved one has seen or been through since being diagnosed with diabetes. Were they expected or did they surprise you?

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[DISCLAIMER: Nothing I post should be taken as medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you have questions about your individual diabetes management and overall health.]

since november is diabetes awareness month, i thought i would show you guys what a day in my life living with type 1 diabetes is like. it’s definitely hard, frustrating, and reallyyyy annoying sometimes, but i’m super thankful that we have a lot of technology to make living with t1d easier! i hope you guys find this video interesting 🙂

3 month diabetes update https://youtu.be/5SuA1lhYdOo

instagram @sarahpriscilla_ @sarahs_veganplate
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  1. KarinaKofman

    Just one question for you Danica.. why did you decide to be a diabetes educator and not an endocrinologist?

  2. RTPTechGuy

    More integration with my personal tech! I want to bolus from my iPhone and imagine if I could see my CGM info from the lock screen or something like that.

  3. Laurel F

    The whole low thing – 100%! I was low last night and I had a snack and my BF was like "do you feel better yet?" "What about now?" Constantly and I know it's only because he cares but it was an angry low and I felt like punching him in the face! Especially as I went to have another box of raisins and he was like "you don't need that!" Err, you try feeling low and tell me you don't want to eat everything in sight! I think a 10g carb box of raisins is better than the chocolate, crisps, cakes, sweets, OJ and sugary pop I'm fantasying about!! 🍧🍨🍩🍪🍫🍦🍟🍞

    Oh and another thing I'd change – easier CGM access in the UK, as they're not available on the NHS 😔

    Keep up with the good work Danica, you're awesome! Thanks 😀

  4. diabetesrus

    mine would be a meter that is 3 in 1 one that can test bg blood ketone and do an a1c test it would save our time at the lab and it would make test more fun

  5. Matt D. Fonseca

    absolutely #1 insulin speed! i could almost deal with it if it didn't change- just a little, usually- with every infusion site change. aargh! is that similar for everyone?
    can't wait for that smartphone app that controls/reads everything, too! shouldn't that have been made, like, yesterday already? it IS 2015!
    thanks, you've got a great channel, Danica!

  6. Lauren Elizabeth

    I think Type 1 and type 2 should have different names so the two wouldn't get as mixed up.

  7. Haim Havkin

    Hi Danica,
    I love your videos so much, so I am going to change the rules. Instead of Diabetes blog week, its going to be Diabetes blog month (or year).
    Do we have a deal?  :-).
    God bless you and keep smiling.

  8. Holly mackintosh

    haha same about the low snack thing! i actually feel worse right after i've treated a low and am coming back up idk if thats just me though! love this series x

  9. EmilyA1984

    Hey Danica, I have an idea for dispelling people's misconceptions about Type 1 Diabetes.  Maybe you could get some friends, and do a skit about it (to film for this channel), and have people in white shirts as white blood cells, and people in, say, pink shirts holding hands in a circle to represent the pancreas, and people in the middle of the "pancreas" circle in another colour (maybe blue), and then you could give a visual representation of the white blood cells attacking the pancreas, so it can't make insulin anymore.  You could make it funny, like a Monty Python sketch (maybe with Nerf swords or something), but it'd still get the point across.

  10. William L. Post

    I share your thoughts exactly. I was diagnosed with type 1 back in 1982. Fortunately for me I had a great doctor who had me treating my problem as if I were using a pump. some times 8 or more shots per day and NPH at night.  I've been on a pump now for almost 4 years and life is much easier. My chief complaint is those of my age group, 70 to 80 years, who have type 2 diabetes and experience nightmares about having to use insulin.

  11. Emily

    please do another day in the life of a diabetic! it made me feel so much better about being a type 1 diabetic (:

  12. Tiffany Lawson

    If I could change one thing about diabetes, it would be that it was exactly the same case for everyone. It would be so much easier managed if it affected all people the exact same way. Insulin injections never worked for me like they did a lot of other kids. I was diagnosed at age 3, and tried to get a pump since I was about 8 years old. My A1C was consistently above 11, and I was accused of skipping shots and not counting carbs, and told I couldn't get a pump until I could manage myself. I didn't get a pump until I switched endos and she got me a pump for my 21st birthday. Since then, I haven't had an A1C above 7, and my last one was 5.2. Insulin therapy just doesn't work for some people, and there is a lot of harm that could have been done to my body during those 18 years I was denied a pump.

  13. Emily Sjoblom

    Thank you for sharing all that you do about type 1. I will admit that (1) I'm not a type 1, and (2) that I am/was one of those people that thought that insulin started working right away. I really enjoy your videos because I get to know a little more about type 1, which is helpful for when I babysit a youngster who has diabetes. Please continue making videos because I'm learning so much and want to be educated. 😉

  14. ninaandianfan21

    your subscribers number jump's through the roof this week yeah!

  15. Lauren E. Fairley

    Taking the words right out of my mouth, especially the misconception of confusing the types. Great video!!!

  16. Clair Buist

    Random I know but did you get a haircut the ends just look really neat and like they could of been just cut. You do have beautiful straight hair.

  17. Johnthadiabetic

    Insulin pump / CGMS access to all for free

  18. Shivani Sharma

    My cousin is only 12 Year old he have typ 1 diabeties, from 4month, that is not stable it changes every half an hour sometime it moves to above 700the meter shows I am sorry and some time it is below 40 we feel soo tired and fed up 3 insulin and 1lantus he used to take, give solution if u have plz help seeing a little kid in toughf tim is soo difficult how can I cure it


    I will Be getting mine when I'm home for thanksgiving break and that small black thing is called an acue check machine I have one

  20. Anahid Avasapian

    Hi Sara,can you please tell me how many units of Lantus you’re using a day?
    Thank you

  21. The Skeptic Coder

    so about 4 years being diabetes and i just found out this kind of glucometer even exists..

  22. Pickled Rick

    I been a type 1 diabetic since I was 7 years old, and been on a low carb diet for most of my life. My HbA1c are below 5.0% with very low insulin needs. The low carb approach is a sure way method to prevent complications. My carb limit is 25g a day, protein 150g and fat unlimited though I tend to just eat whatever comes with the protein. If you are newly diagnosed all I can recommend is for you to listen to Dr. Bernstein diabetes university on YouTube. He teaches you to treat your illness and preserve whatever Beta cells you may have left. My current insulin need is 7u of Tresiba, and 12u of R insulin for protein meals and vegetables carbs. Smaller doses than even most children given the amount of food I eat. Good luck, and avoid high blood sugar!

  23. Fella

    hey!! a little tip : when you prime your needle, you can do it inside the cap of the needle (make sure to remove the little one) so that your room or your stuff won't smell like insulin.

  24. Tulip 337

    I need to get a yt cause mines a bit different I have type one I use deacon g6 I like it’s it’s so easy to manage u normally have it on the top of my arm or stomach

  25. whipped4._. NakamotoYuta

    Got diagnosed a month ago 🤪😔

  26. Aaron Royer

    How old were you when you were diagnosed with t1d

  27. Bailey Eernisse

    I’ve been T1D for almost two years now and it’s crazy for me to watch this and remember all the things I used to do bc I thought I had to I.e. priming my insulin pin and what not but I hope your doing great! (I’m a new subscriber). Also I use the omnipod and Dexcom g6 now.☺️

  28. Wilna

    Do all diabetics start with long lasting insulin? Or does it just depend on the person?

  29. phantomvampyress shadowkissed

    Just found your channel . My oldest daughter was just diagnosed at 11 yrs old this march 2020. She went into dka she's doing good now . Stay strong

  30. Strawberry moon

    I have been a type 1 diabetic for almost 9 years and i got diagnosted when i was 5 years old, now im 13.

  31. Olivia P

    My 5 year old daughter just got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She’s surprisingly taking it well when it comes to eating healthy. We are all eating better now and staying more active. It all definitely helps in controlling her sugar level

  32. Anzal Mohamed

    Hi I am 15 and I have type 1 diabetes for almost two years. know I try my best to eat healthy food but I still eat a lot of carbs and I pretty sure a lot of you can relate to that
    And have a nice day 😊

  33. Mariam Khalifa

    How did you tell everyone about ur diabetes? It’s a challenge to tell anyone about me since I am overweight but I am a type 1 diabetic and not everyone knows that type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease. Please help 🙂

  34. Siubhan Ward

    Hey! Nearly 10 years diagnosed and 4 on FSL here 🙂 just a few things I wanted to say to help – the FSL isn’t a CGM but it’s a flash monitor as it doesn’t continuously provide you with your own sugars – you need to prompt it. If possible; when your sensor had 24 hours left – put the new one on and let it “settle”. The readings are very off the first 1/2 days so try and put it on early so when you scan it’s as accurate as possible! Gaps can be formed when there’s more than an 8 hour gap OR when your blood sugars change too quickly. Hope this helps 🙂

  35. Lana P

    hey sarah!! the gap in your graph happens when you don’t scan for 8+ hours because the sensor only holds 8 hours worth of data 🙂 hope this helps! you’re doing great so don’t be too hard on yourself

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