What Happens Inside Your Eyes

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The human eye is the second most complex organ after the brain. How exactly does the human eye work? How do our eyes see? The human eye is an amazing organ! Did you know, for example, that your pupil is not a black circle in your eyeball – it’s a hole! Black, because there’s no light inside your eye. Red in flash photos because the light from the camera is passing through and bouncing off the back of your eye.

Or have you ever heard that your cornea has no blood vessels? They get oxygen directly from the air, so your eyes breathe! But it’s full of super-sensitive nerves. They sense something foreign, and the fastest muscles in your body get to work. Your eyes themselves are about the size of ping pong balls. And just within this seemingly small little organ, there are over 2 million working parts!


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Directed by BRTHR
Written by Grimes

Starring: Jennie Kim, Dorian Electra, Ryon Wu
Choreographer: Symone Holliday
Dancers: Symone Holliday, Isis Woodruff, Iz Verdea, Jas Lyn

Producers: Luigi Rossi, Aiden Magarian, Bryan Younce, Sara Greco
DP: Christopher Ripley
Stylist: Brett Alan Nelson
MUA: Natasha Severino
Hair: Preston Wada
Prosthetics: Malina Stearns

XR by Xite Labs
Xite Labs Creative Director: Vello Virkhaus
Studio Director: Greg Russell
3D Artist: Nusi Quero

Editor: BRTHR
Animation: Sam Hochman
Color: Aubrey Woodiwiss

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    What eye color do you find most attractive?

  2. Jennifer Johnson

    Why is some guy on YouTube better than 99% of teachers in schools?

  3. BrokenSins

    The blind spot test didn't work, I could still see it. No matter how close nor far I get away. The real test is can you see through your figners? If you can, that's the blind spot. I can see through my fingers and see what's in front of my fingers. That is how you test it.


    What if you get a bump on your eye

  5. little monkey


  6. 50 Shashank Kumar

    what red white leaves mean in the last ……why he laugh …..I didn't understand

  7. ☆ToontorialStanu☆

    I Use Glasses beacuse my vision is Blurry and My Eyes are a bit red

  8. Rico Evangelista

    i love love love u brightside

  9. Calvin Chigariro

    Wait so can my eyes keep my eyes zoom in

  10. Alaina toons_. 2

    Well you help me pass my test

  11. Poop Wag

    But my eye 👁 is watching the video now bruh

  12. BobbyOne30

    herrlich… so muss ein neues lied sein..

  13. samantha Benavides

    Not Alternative….But great song!!!

  14. samantha Benavides

    nice beat… Love the Death Note homage….Happy Now???

  15. alana

    why are these comments so positive? i didn’t realize grimes fans were so devoted

  16. Alexis De leon

    Parece algo que será muy propio del 2022.

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    Just got bored made you elf queen

  20. nerve etcetera

    Got bored, made you elf queen.

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