What experts say about who has the world's best health-care system | Opinion

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The U.S. health-care system is broken, but do other countries have it better? Seven leading health economists and public policy experts reflect on one of the hardest questions facing them — and us — today.

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  1. Meghan

    I can cross one off the list automatically. 🚫🇺🇸

  2. B20C0

    1:22 if Singapore lost to the US, all of the people involved are either bought and paid for or complete and utter idiots.
    Seriously on which scale can Singapore lose to the US? Cost of healthcare? Cheaper. Healthcare outcome? Better (higher lifespan, lower child mortality, same quality of healthcare for everybody). Economic incentive? Singapore has a lot of private clinics that make a lot of money. Wanna know how? They sell convenience and luxury at a premium. You can pay $26 for a hospital bed per day which will also be subsidized or you can pay 300+ for a room with great wifi, big flat screen TV, a second bed for you spouse etc.
    Literally every ranking of healthcare efficiency, healthcare outcome, overall quality of healthcare etc. has Singapore FAR above the US. So what is wrong with these people?

  3. Anddres Torres

    My medication cost like 500 a month in America, in Mexico it’s 20 dollars a month. Same medication

  4. mike

    We have the best if your a multi millionaire

  5. Ben

    all the constituents of socialized medicine countries get to be free riders and live in a noncompetitive healthcare market and still buy most of the drugs and treatments that were produced by capitalism. and then then washington post gets some corduroy wearing college professors, whom presumably have direct access to care from places like Mass General, that live in reductive data sets rather than the embodiment of their conceptualizations

  6. Ewef

    9 mins and they told us nothing but it depends. Zero suggestions.
    They talk about brodening the debate, without bring any new incite

  7. Mary Ann Aflak

    I am a US citizen living in the US and have an employer-based insurance. It costs about $500 a month. I go for a yearly checkup. The doctor didn’t do any tests or labs like they would so in annual checkups in China where I grew up, and he just talked and asked questions for 20 mins. Based on our conversation, he sent me to the lab for tests after my visit. The lady at the lab told me it would cost me $500. I walked out without doing the test. I decided to move to France. I look at the weekly school shooting and the health care system. This is not where I want to raise my family.

  8. idioten bajs

    If you’re staying in a hospital in sweden you only need to pay for food

  9. Greg Mayo

    Health care should never be about profit, that's where the US is going wrong

  10. Greg Mayo

    In America guns are more important that peoples health

  11. Kantb Tamed

    “Regardless of your income this is probably the place you’d like to get your income” – that doctor.
    Excuse me sir, but I’d rather die than be trapped in insurmountable medical debt for 70 years.

  12. Marcel Renard

    This is a typical video of scientists looking at their own American and other health systems from their own societal frames of reference and then coming to the conclusion that there is no answer to it or that this answer depends on your own expectations. It also shows how, in this case the intellectual elite, look at society from their ivory tower. There are so many sides to the matter that looking is a pointless excursion. Just like this video is a waste of time watching and commenting on it. ;(

  13. Jordirex

    The Harvard guy has no idea, north from France? Spain italy and andorra have super good health care systems that are up on these rankings. Spain is the country with more organ donors and transplants. "Experts".

  14. jose miguel

    expertos jajajjjajajajajajajajajajjajaja

  15. Skeletor The Alcoholic

    Well America used to have one of the best healthcare systems until the Government got involved. This made prices sky rocket because of the fact Private Healthcare businesses had to compete with the Government.

  16. Jesus Casiano

    All people in America go to mexico to get the vacation that goes with it for 75% off the price in USA.

  17. Adson Oliveira

    how did he not mention the SUS in Brazil?

  18. Gee Ache

    The last phrase says all about the attitude towards healthcare: …this is the country where you want to get your healthcare.
    Non native English speaker but I would say 'receive' over 'get'.
    That combined with the "your' in ' your healthcare' shows the brain-embedded or even desired customer relationship towards healthcare.

    If that doesn't change, well…

    Was this a deliberate end by makers of the video?

  19. lynx yellow

    I can't imagine that so many people in US has to make the choice between getting proper treatment and paying bills, food and gas for car….

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