What Cinnamon Does To Your Body If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

What Cinnamon Does To Your Body If You Have Type 2 Diabetes
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In this video Dr. Ryan Shelton sets the record straight on what cinnamon can (and cannot) do for your body if you have diabetes, struggle with blood sugar control or if you’re pre-diabetic.

What Cinnamon Does To Your Body If You Have Type 2 Diabetes

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Tried Cinnamon Before? Here is the Real Story About Cinnamon!

How good is Cinnamon to lower blood sugar, how cinnamon helps blood sugar? Dr. Ergin talks about the benefits of cinnamon and how cinnamon may or may not help patients’ blood sugar with diabetes. An honest review about cinnamon blood sugar, cinnamon diabetes, and cinnamon blood sugar relationship. He is also talking about cinnamon supplements for diabetes.


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Regardless of your diabetes type (type 2 diabetes or type 1 diabetes), you will find plenty of diabetes control tips in the SugarMD channel by Dr. Ergin. We have a lot of content around foods to eat when you have diabetes, diabetic recipes, exercise videos, diabetic supplements, herbs, natural remedies, regular medications, and more. We talk about normal blood sugar levels, how to keep blood sugar as close to normal as possible without sacrificing your entire diet. How to make a diabetic diet more enjoyable while creating a diabetic meal plan. And, most of all we support and help each other learn and stay strong against this ugly chronic disease.
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Ahmet Ergin, MD, FACE, CDCES, ECNU Endocrinologist, Diabetes Educator www.SugarMDs.com Ahmet Ergin, MD, is a specialist physician in endocrinology, diabetes, and metabolism. He is interested in preventive cardiology as well. He has been practicing for over 10 years, having seen over 30,000 patients in his career so far. He speaks science and is proud to educate his patients with real data rather than hearsay. To become a patient please call 772 398 7814. You have to be a Florida Resident to be a patient. Thank you!

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  1. Dawn Osselaer

    I've had a piece cinnamon toast in the morning for the last two days and almost immediately afterwards ( both days) I started shaking and I also got very light headed this morning. I had to drink orange juice.

  2. sanyo thorne

    Bet you have. Cinnamon does fix diabetes

  3. Ndidi Rai

    What type of cinnamon can someone take

  4. adija

    thank God I was able to locate Dr adule on YouTube who was able to eliminate my type one diabetes totally with his herbal medicine

  5. dev bachu

    Doctors do not want you used that
    They prefer to give medforomin gligpage diaban
    With so much side effects why???

  6. Audhild Benjaminsen

    Sir,you talk a little blury in a part in the video,you talk about other agents being taken together with cinnamon ,do you mean these agents do something enhancing to the cinnamon or do you just say that cinnamon is an addition to other important parts of the meal?
    Next question: who on Earth are able to tell people how big doses of cinnamon is needed!I believe you as a doctor know where to find these experts,if they exist.Everything is deadly in high enough doses so how much do you need to give your bad neighbour if your magic wand is lost? (Joking).

  7. Mack Stack

    The key is diet , then no medication is necessary.

  8. Josh Neil

    Can you take cinnamon in a cold drink does it still be effective?

  9. Always Imitated Never Duplicated

    1.5x faster speed is recommended for this video

  10. Alberto Tan

    Dr. Shelton how many time should I drink cennamon tea per day thanks Alberto V. Tan

  11. 守lower

    Humans have consumed Cassia for ages if not millennia and yet somehow in this most advanced time of science they are unable to tell us if it is harmful or helpful, If it causes or reduces cancer in humans. I smell bullshit here, I smell money and big pharma muddying the waters. If the chinese have been eating this for this long maybe we should be asking them instead of these swindlers. Studies in lab rats have shown cancer being induced by cumarin yet it's also anti cancer and they don't know why , That means they don't know anything

  12. R

    Complete nonsense. He starts off by saying don't take supplements. He says cinnamon has to be taken with the adequate dosage. He never says what that dosage isand he wants to sell you his supplements. If he can't see the hypocrisy in this, he can't be a smart doctor.

  13. jennifer kenward

    I was on metformin for diabetes. These had terrible side effects I started taking cinnamon and chromium Together with a healthy eating plan I was able to come off metformin and shed over 3kg in 2 weeks.

  14. Ugwu Juliet

    The day I came across Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel was the day I started living a more comfortable life again after using his herbs medication in curing my Diabetes disease

  15. II Parachute Regiment

    I eat raw cinnamon cassa bark! I didn’t know its bad for you

  16. Andrew Glagau

    Hey Dr. Ryan Shelton,
    Wouldn't it be more beneficial to type 2 diabetics if the doctors would get an insulin level test rather than the usual HB-A1c Blood sugar levels?

  17. Shelby T Mitchell

    I can’t really stop thanking Dr Igudia on YouTube for helping me out with his herbs medication that I used in curing my Diabetes disease

  18. I Wontbebeat

    I use 7eleven's cinnamon at coffee section ..

  19. SugarMD



    𝐁𝐔𝐘 𝐃𝐫. 𝐄𝐫𝐠𝐢𝐧'𝐬 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐔𝐥𝐭𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐭𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐚𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐞𝐬 𝐁𝐨𝐨𝐤- Discounted 50 percent for the new year- offer ends at the end of January!


  20. Serafino Anselmo

    Why is The US Government Subsidizing Junk Food? – YouTube

  21. ǝʌǝʇs uʍop ǝpısdn

    I heard about Cinnamon lowing sugar level, but never tried it myself to know. Besides greens; Apple Cider Vinegar and peanut butter worked for me and brought it down daily with a teaspoon of each. I guess it was a combination of them both, because peanut butter didn't help that much by itself either, or Apple cider vinegar by itself. Both together is when I could see my glucose dropping.

  22. Margaret Buchheit

    I take no meds for my diabetes can eating a protein before going to bed help lower my morning sugars

  23. Eliu Q

    Hi, im not a diabetic person but i do notice a change when i eat a lot of sugar by midday, i have started taking 2 caps of cinnamon on empty stomach in the morning. I have noticed im not sluggish from sugar load anymore

  24. Kidshshs Bsdbdb

    I take cinnamon capsules every day ….

  25. Judi S

    Hello Dr. Ervin. I’m so glad that I found your channel. I’m prediabetic and trying not to develop full blown diabetes. Unfortunately it runs in my family. I have heard about different herbs. I was using Gymnema for a while but I also heard that Berberine is comparable to Metformin and very effective. Could you please do a video explaining the pros and cons of these supplements. I would greatly appreciate it! Thx!

  26. Monica Phillips

    Diabetes is a very unstable thing at times it does not matter what you eat or do diabetes
    Just have a time to keep getting
    Higher and higher and suddenly
    It came back to normal
    Strange but true

  27. Madhav X

    Pl tell us about best sugar alternatives and safety,, india

  28. Beverlee Perez

    Been trying it and works fine for me..also have been trying to find out how I can get your book ..put in a request but no return phone call..I do have my phone watching for spam calls if there is a number to call please supply to me..

  29. Happy Healthy Food Tina Mai

    I can’t not eat 3 tsp cinnamon per day 😂

  30. Voltaire Merto

    I've been using cinnamon powder for the past few months and was able to control my blood sugar levels from a high of 600mg/dl to 100mg/dl without insulin and medication. Of course doing exercises as walking and weight training on a regular basis. I also took natural supplements like apple cider vinegar, mango leaves, and turmeric. I'm 67 y o.

  31. dev bachu

    Cianammon an chrouim enough ok try it

  32. dev bachu

    I rhink hald tsp is enougg whovsays 3 tesp come on those meds doctors give has to much side effects

  33. Kumar Ramalingam

    Go for Ceylon Cinnamon. Doesn’t harm your liver

  34. Shar Roon

    Variabilities could be variables, no?

  35. Syed Nadeemahmed

    Green tea plus put some pieces of cinnamon ?

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