What causes diabetes, high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes

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In this video, we explain what causes diabetes (type 2 diabetes) and what causes high blood sugar. We review how does diabetes start and what is the role of insulin in diabetes. We review the role of the pancreas in diabetes and how does food and weight gain can lead to diabetes. We use the analogy of a steam engine to explain a complex medical topic in a way anybody can understand. Written by Dr. Christopher Palmeiro DO Msc, endocrinology and diabetes specialist, and produced by Doctablet®.
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What Causes Diabetes, High Blood Sugar and Type 2 Diabetes

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  1. Md. Toufique Islam

    Your pancreas is looking yummy

  2. oliver walker

    I only trust and recommend Dr Ogie on You Tube because his medication cured me from type 2 Diabetes with his natural herbs medication.

  3. Dorothy Putz

    I want to thank everyone who recommended Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes with his natural herbs medications and I feel so much relief now than before.

  4. Jessica T

    This is a 100% false claim. Eating too much sugar absolutely does not cause diabetes, it is caused by eating too much meat.

  5. Vivian Jennifer

    Stop believing What the doctors says that there’s no cure for diabetes, I was recently cured of my Type 2 Diabetes disease with the herbs medication I ordered from Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel

  6. Moses Mercy

    God bless you Dr ONO on YouTube the miracle worker I'm finally free from Diabetes type 2 after using your Herbal meds , I got cured completely

  7. Sicilian Donelson

    Thank you this was AMAZING! Keep the good work up!

  8. Sabrina McAlister

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  9. Evangelist Rachael Commander

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  10. NotCooper

    So what causes diabetes? Is it sugar directly or is it the weight gain associated with sugar?

  11. Mina J Hooper

    I can only recommend Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel for Diabetes disease cure because I have used his herbs medication and it cures my diabetes type 2 and I’m finally free from this deadly disease

  12. Suryawala Soni

    Iam from India. I love your channal too much

  13. DeadmanDave

    It's eating wrong and drinking wrong over and over again (donuts, cakes, cookies, candy, sodas) that cause the pancreas to have a permanent burnout.

  14. ANJALI kukreti

    Concise and clear ! Thankyou for efforts 🙂

  15. Body Mastermind

    i love this analogyyy , just perfect

  16. Tihana

    Can you get diabetes after getting scared?

  17. Slime_Creeper

    I heard about a little girl having diabetes for only eating instant noodles, lunchables, and juice box for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. If you like any of these things make sure you don't eat them all the time. Get some healthy stuff like vegetables.

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