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Watch a colonic online live:

Linda Booth has been a natural health practitioner for almost 25 years and has carried out over 26,000 consultations and treatments, many of these on people that have functional digestive and bowel disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and indigestion.

This is Linda in her clinic treatment room demonstrating a modern, naturopathic, gravity-fed colon hydrotherapy treatment, using herbal implants to improve the treatment outcome.

Linda has also developed the UK’s first dedicated range of digestive health products, including probiotics, and these can be purchased here:
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  1. Flied Lice

    A brilliant, no nonsense demonstration on colonic irrigation. Very informative. Many thanks.

  2. sapphirelatina

    Proud of ''Kate'' for doing this on camera to help show us and dispel any uncertainties we have. Respect.

  3. Will G.

    Thanks Kate for this colonic educational video and her very professorial therapist.

  4. MrPixel

    I just have a takeaway, sorts me right out 🤣

  5. Al Bondigas

    How much should this procedure cost?
    And does insurance tend to cover this at all?

  6. Kurbick San

    What a informative video. Thanks

  7. laura hanson

    Where are you based I would like to come see you please

  8. Ann Marie Loader

    I wonder if colonic irrigation would help me with my IBS

  9. Belle La Vie!

    i loveee this! i neeed this.. san meron nito sa Davao? pls help..anyone???

  10. Victoria Brooke

    Could you please post the 10 tips for bowel health.
    I would go to you but I will in the US.
    Loved your video!

  11. King mike

    Wish you would show what's coming out and where it's going!

  12. Kelly Joiner

    Just your replies to comments has convinced me that I would benefit from having this done.
    Relief from constant belly pain, and gas pains that run from top to bottom, but never "leave"… this procedure sounds wonderful to me. 🌞

  13. Kelly Joiner

    I would book an appointment in a heartbeat if it were possible. Chronic constipation and belly pain for years has been just awful.
    Very professional yet caring. If only you could teach a class…🌞

  14. Ian Pemberton

    Very informative, nicely done. 👍🏻

  15. Katrina Amos

    The practitioner has GREAT bedside manners♥️♥️

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