Visiting The MOST Expensive Gym In Texas | Training At Lifetime Fitness

Visiting The MOST Expensive Gym In Texas | Training At Lifetime Fitness
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Visiting The MOST Expensive Gym In Texas | Training At Lifetime Fitness

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  1. Annarose Lepley

    Yes it’s worth it because all the trashy people you don’t want to be around can’t afford to get in! They keep it clean and people don’t steal the equipment. Staff is supper professional. Don’t talk to the trainers because they are just as bad as used car sales men and mattress sales people only a small handful knows what their are doing, the rest need to go!!! Also the Fort Worth location is full of hot alpha MEN that know how to workout 🤤

  2. David Perry

    I go to Esporta, it has everything I want in the gym.

  3. Chad R

    We had a bunch of 310 stainless steel round bar stock that was in 7 foot lengths for a job. Someone put them in the rack and had 3 feet hanging out on one side and had them in a bind. When it was time to run the job every single one was warped we had to scrap it and get new material.

  4. Chad R

    Leaving weights on a bar just a 45 on each side will bend it over time. Metal has a certain strain rate because it does not have infinite tensile or yield strength. A very small load over a long time will deform it.

  5. Chad R

    I bent a bar years ago at that location I dropped it on the safety. They never replaced it.

  6. Chad R

    Different lifetimes have better or worse tooling. There is a location that has shit for management in Harris county there is not a single bar in the building that you can use. The manager in Fort Bend county is better.

  7. Chad R

    I wish they would do something about these fit cross idiots leaving everything on the floor. They are too strong to put it up when they do deadlift. If I can pick it up and set it on the rack they can put it back up.

  8. Mr Bengerman

    Why didn’t you do cardio at the gym lol

  9. SANDWICHE man

    $100 ain't bad but if you need to be motivation or need to lose weight fast go to small gym usually you pay $120 for them gym plus session

  10. Shinwoo Kim

    I am not interested of going to gym but if I just go for hot tub and sauna then is it still worth it?

  11. Honest Opinion

    This gym is in River Oak, Houston????

  12. Kyle Leggat

    I like the pool. I also like the machines too.

  13. Tybalt19

    Perfectly said Angel, you were spot on when you said it's only good for retirees. I so agree with you because who's going to sit there and utilize all that equipment.

  14. Cody B

    Not all are $100 if you go to a Bronze or Gold level its well under $100. Ive been to high level lifetimes and lower level lifetimes. Honestly I didnt see a huge difference. Just a difference in the "status" of each member




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