VIDEO: Cinnamon to Treat Diabetes and Cholesterol |

VIDEO: Cinnamon to Treat Diabetes and Cholesterol |
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VIDEO: Cinnamon to Treat Diabetes and Cholesterol |
Learn from Dr. Julian Whitaker about the health benefits of cinnamon which contains compounds that have a positive effect on blood sugar and lipids, and also is great to help manage diabetes and high cholesterol.
Cinnamon is one of those spices that ticks all the boxes. Like turmeric and ginger, it’s something that you can easily add to a meal or even a hot drink to add flavour while bringing virtually no extra calories.
So, what exactly is cinnamon? This popular Christmas spice is a substance that’s produced from the bark of certain trees. What makes cinnamon so nutritious is its active ingredients.
Some popular ways to use cinnamon include mixing it with milk and honey, or sprinkling into coffee, stirring into oven bakes, adding to desserts and more. All of these things will allow you to enjoy the many health benefits of cinnamon. Stay tuned to learn exactly what those health benefits are, plus any side effects you should be aware of.
1. Helps Control Diabetes
Cinnamon contains catechins, which are able to trigger the release of a hormone called insulin. Insulin, as you probably know, is the hormone that people with diabetes don’t get enough of. This is why management of diabetes tends to involve injecting with insulin whenever blood sugar drops below a certain level.
Cinnamon can make a big difference to people suffering with diabetes, and is often recommended as a natural supplementary item to be taken alongside medication.
2. Lowers Blood Sugar
Lowering blood sugar isn’t just good for people with diabetes – it’s also beneficial for the rest of the population too. Many people stick to low-carb diets, or diets that contain no carbohydrates altogether, with the intention of keeping their blood sugar as low as possible. It’s much simpler to simply add cinnamon to your diet, which will help your blood sugar to remain level, providing you with a consistent and steady flow of energy throughout the day.
3. Protects Against Heart Damage and Ageing
Cinnamon contains a compound called cinnulin – an important antioxidant which can protect the cells and the heart against damage from free radicals. This can help to slow down the visible signs of aging by preventing cell damage that can add up to visible wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.
4. Anti-Cancer
Experts think that cinnamon might be useful for helping to combat the onset of cancer. The cinnulin content of cinnamon has shown promise in preventing mutated DNA from replicating and ultimately leading to cancerous tumours. It does this by preventing the damage to cells caused by free radicals, and ultimately preventing damaged cells from spreading through the body.
5. Weight Loss Properties
Not only is cinnamon a useful supplement for people trying to maintain low blood sugar to lose weight, it also helps the body to burn fat stores and thereby reduce weight. Cinnamon contains roughly 19 calories per teaspoon, so it won’t contribute to weight gain, either.
This is great to hear, considering cinnamon is a relatively sweet spice, and certainly doesn’t taste like it contains virtually no calories. You can freely add cinnamon to your sweet and savoury dishes without worrying about the implications of doing so.
6. Anti-Fungal Potential
Cinnamon is an anti-fungal agent, and can help to reduce a fungus called candida albicans. This fungus is responsible for thrush and is a distinctly unpleasant experience.
In a recent study, it was found that using cinnamon oil and olive oil can effectively kill off many species of candida, even those resistant to medications. It’s interesting to consider how cinnamon may be used for preventing and fighting candida in the future.
7. Bacteria-Killing
Cinnamon isn’t only anti-fungal; it’s also anti-bacterial. This means that like garlic, it can be used as a powerful natural antibiotic for fighting regular bugs that cause sickness, cold and flu. It has even been shown to be effective in killing the likes of e.coli and salmonella. The properties in cinnamon, in some cases, can kill drug-resistant bacteria. So where medications fail, cinnamon may be the solution.
Simply sprinkling cinnamon onto your dishes on a daily basis is enough to help you to avoid infections and stay healthy. If you do get an infection, then, of course, visiting your doctor is wise. Antibiotics are still considerably more effective than cinnamon.
8. Improves Oral Health
Another benefit of cinnamon, being an anti-bacterial, is that it will improve your oral health. We all know that bacteria lives in our teeth and mouths, and are largely responsible for plaque and tooth decay. By consuming natural antibacterial agents like cinnamon, you can kill off these invaders and ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy into old age.
The other perk of having healthy gums is that it can prevent infections and illnesses from entering the body through the mouth. Even diseases like cancer can be prevented by maintaining good oral health.
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  1. Senada Pasic

    Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  2. Senada Pasic

    In one piece of hard cheese you get a lot of calcium and vitamin D.

  3. Senada Pasic

    naturopaths know a lot that can help. Go to a school if you can't afford one, they're cheap there. And then always check with your physician.

  4. Senada Pasic

    if you eat avocado with every meal, except oatmeal and bananas, the avocado will temper any sugar hit.

  5. Senada Pasic

    Get you gut working right first. Chicken soup, avocado, organic apples, cabbage, yogurt, berries. When eating nightshade veggies add other fruit or veggies to counteract the chemical reaction. When eating tomatoes, add greens or an apple, for example. or a fig. White bread and white rice …our system doesn't know what to do with it. Oranges if you're a smoker. Alcohol? just stop, it's dangerous in every way. PS. onions and garlic help with nitric oxide.

  6. Senada Pasic

    I'm a prediabetic with numb feet. They don't know if it's from prediabetes. Anyway, I want to mention some socks which you all may like. The diabetic socks are probablly helpful also, but socks made from Merino wool (summer or winter) will keep the moisture away from your feet. You can buy them at any sporting goods stores.

  7. Senada Pasic

    organic figs work wonders with cholestral. Cinnamon and cardamom in your green tea or coffee will also help with circulation as good as beets and watermelon. Can't say enough about exercise.

  8. Dave Chmela

    Ceylon though, not Cassia……Cassia has cumarin, liver damager. Ceylon cinnamon does not.

  9. neelam jhaveri

    Dr julian.. thank you so much… i think in the morning if we tale 1gram cinnamon with honey is also good na?? I am looking for how to increase HDL and remove trigliserides n , ldl and Vldl.. my hubby has a healthy lifestyle including running, deep breathing , oats, ..all possible things to get fit but got very bad report on cholestrol.. And ya his bp is always on a higher side.. no matter whatever he does.. please tell us why…

  10. Nikhil Goel

    Sure is right. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.

    Between I heard that most of the celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items.

    i found it here

  11. Jay Towie

    I have used bitter melon as it seems to have benefits for me. That along with diabno has really improved my diabetes – search online for "Diabno" as it'll might help you also.

  12. jonyjmia

    Awesome way to lose unwanted weight, but have you stumbled across Sweet Weight Shredder? My best mate got rid of 120lbs really easily using it.

  13. Jackie Bourg

    Add cinnamon in your meat patties…sprinkle it on your chicken whiles it's roasting…add it in your juices. It's WONDERFUL.

  14. jonnydoe

    Cinnamon can no longer to considered a safe and effective treatment for diabetes.


  15. Tuddy2000

    I had some lab work done at my primary care doctors office and they said my sugar & cholesterol levels went down. My doctor was concerned about my glucose levels and I was heading towards a diabetic. Since taking cinnamon pills supplements it has made a difference. About 4 months later I went to see my cardiolgist and they said they never heard of cinnamon pills helping cholesterol. Now they do!

  16. L K

    33 seconds

  17. Beryl Edwards

    Thank you i used to lower my suger

  18. Nixon Chan

    Cassia same benefits?
    Or only Ceylon?

  19. HealthHollow

    I take about 1/2 tsp of Ceylon cinnamon daily but I read that taking it beyond 6 months it can have a detrimental effect to your health. Do you have any thoughts on this? I love that it is helping with my insulin levels but I worry about the long term effects.

  20. drexel brown

    I had no idea that cinnamon was good for so many things. Thank you for sharing

  21. Judy Nieto

    Helps ward's off antiinflamatory and reduces muscle pain and helps brain function

  22. 💛💜Lane

    Cinnamon is very good in coffea, hot oatmeal, vanilla ice cream, Apple sauce and turmeric tea.

  23. Gary z

    I'm amazed by why all this natural stuff is so good for us,It's simple really.
    We have been around just as long as these wonderful spices,we have evolved together. We look after each other.Call it God if you want. Planet earth is my God and we should appreciate and look after her and all she provides.Happy new year to all. x

  24. LukiBear

    Couple errors…. Cinnamon does not increase LDL or insulin. It increases insulin resistance.

  25. Tracey Yeboah

    Great info, thanks for sharing

  26. Maggy Ebraheem

    Why can’t you get to the point and just tell us what it is, by doing what you’re doing yap yap yap I know you’re trying to sell something I’m going to continue to watch my video on how to heal pain and suffering and that is through cinnamon.

  27. Zaneth Zarareth

    I snorted this instead of meth and it helped me overcome my addiction

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