Using Gene-Editing to Cure Type 1 Diabetes

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Senta Georgia, PhD, is creating new insulin-producing cells using
CRISPR gene-editing technology in her work to cure genetic forms of diabetes.

Professor Ann Simpson, UTS School of Life Sciences and Centre for Health Technologies, is a leading Australian diabetes researcher who has developed an artificial insulin producing cell to treat Type 1 diabetes, an autoimmune disease that destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. Together with industry partner Pharmocyte Biotech Ann’s research aims to develop translational biotherapies that can be tailored to individual patients at the bedside.
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  4. James Matheson

    These answers show how wrongly informed everyone is
    Liver heating blood separating sugar is type 1
    Pancreas with too much sugar is type 2

  5. James Matheson

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    Gene editing?
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    Many hope for curing with gene-editing! However we also need to treat the antibodies attacking the beta cells. Else the newly edited beta cells would be destried again…
    I wonder if there any thought on immune suppression prior to gene-editing?

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