US Healthcare System Explained

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Ever wondered how the healthcare system in the USA worked? We explain everything in this video!







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  1. The Infographics Show

    What's your experience with the healthcare system in your country? Did you receive treatment you needed or was it denied because you couldn't afford it?

  2. NerdGeek Cosplay

    I’m under my dads health insurance until I’m 26 before it was 18. I’m now 22 and scared about what’s gonna happen when I turn 26. Luckily my father knows health insurance and he promised me when that time comes he will go with me to buy insurance.

  3. darian sholtz

    Literally I have over $3500 in medical bills. And what's worse is the fact that our employers won't accept a lot of notes or anything so we can get to a Dr. And I've been fired for needing a Dr appointment

  4. Mr. BlueStone

    I'm actually confused why America claims to be the best country when they cant even afford to keep their own citizens alive.

  5. crAZNimal

    about $200 get deducted from my paycheck every week.. when im sick i don't go to the hospital because i stll gotta pay.. If i choose not to pay for insurance i get penalized !! So if you cant afford health insurance you will be penalized… Great U S of A

  6. BoricuaIslandking83

    The so called richest best country in the world yeah America is a scam.

  7. Daniel Farji

    As an American I can tell you One of the worst aspects of this county is the healthcare system by far followed by gun violence 🙁

  8. D A

    „Vox reports…“, „The washington post…“. Ok I‘m done. You just discredited yourself.

  9. D A

    The whole point of the usa is that the government is not here to „take care of its citizens“, You are!

    If you want to wait 2-3 months for treatment, yes sure come to a country with a socialist healthcare system to us here in europe.

  10. spamuel98

    Here in the U.S we have these CareNow clinics, basically a serialized chain of walk in clinics, and the most realistic bill for health care I have ever had was walking into one for a kidney infection; $387 for the visit and testing, which almost makes sense since they had to do a urine test, and then another $80 for a ten day course of antibiotics. Another time I had to get checked out for a sprained ankle, that cost me around $230 for a doctor to come in, feel my ankle, and tell me I just needed to stay off it for a couple days.

  11. Molly Whalen

    Heaven forbid you have a chronic disease in the United States. I ended up with a horrible stomach infection called c.diff after my doctor's kept prescribing antibiotics for a resistant uti. The only way to treat c.diff is with extremely strong antibiotics. I still remember walking up to the pharmacy horribly ill and having the pharmacist tell me the prescription was $1,500.00 because I hadn't met my deductible yet. And when that medicine wasn't enough they doubled it and I was cringing the entire wait to pick up these new meds knowing I wasn't going to be able to afford them. Luckily for me the first dose met my deductible so instead of $3,000.00 my new meds were only $150. Still expensive but I would likely end up with permanent damage to my intestines if the infection wasn't treated.

  12. Arachnid

    Politically I'm rather right-wing leaning but my god I didn't know our healthcare system is so terrible! I'm currently active duty and half way through my contract so I know I'll be covered by Veteran Affairs and TRICARE but I heard for vets they're ok at best but can still be pretty bad. I guess just don't get sick

  13. Miss Pat Van Driver Lady

    American health care isn't that dramatically worse than in other wealthy countries; the problem is entirely tat it costs roughly twice as much. Where does all that extra money go? To a bunch of bureaucrats to fight with customers about whether bills will be covered or not, and to making a tiny group of already wealthy people even wealthier. And people are now trying to "privatize" education by using taxpayer dollars to fund private schools with much less government oversight, too! 🤦

  14. I.F.A.I

    You mixed the tissue and the iv bags the wrong way round

  15. adham tha don

    Belgium has better healthcare than Germany and Netherlands combined but you didnt even mention that

  16. aGps44

    the USA lives with "business culture", also known as capitalism. They make everything into money-grabbing business, even the basic aspects of humanity like health,

    And it's worse now since the richest people have so many influence with them being rich, they affect governments and regulations.

    It's great when you have a rich guy with a conscience. Some examples already stood out.

    But mostly, rich people in the USA works behind the scene gathering money and power without end, while corroding humanity along the way.

  17. Nikola Jokic

    The US government pays literally 17% of its entire GDP on Healthcare, yet people are still refusing hospital bills because of price. If the government steps in and starts regulating these prices, not only would they not have to spend as much, but we wouldn't have to worry about being in debt for the rest of our lives for being sick.

  18. Someone Silence

    America is not a 1st world country. Seriously why hans't some sort of revolution broken out yet?!

  19. Someone Silence

    0:08 The Netherlands has good healthcare? How awfull must the healthcare in the rest of the world be then….

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