Understanding the links between diabetes and your heart health

Understanding the links between diabetes and your heart health
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Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, Chief Medical Officer for Prevention at the American Heart Association, and Dr. Robert Gabbay, Chief Scientific and Medical Officer at the American Diabetes Association, join House Calls to answer viewer question about diabetes and its effects on heart health.

Learn more about diabetes and heart health at https://www.knowdiabetesbyheart.org.

House Calls: Real Docs, Real Talk episodes feature conversations with American Heart Association staff and medical experts on topics important to heart attack and stroke patients, or anyone looking to live a longer, healthier life.

0:00 Introduction
1:25 Health in the Headlines: What blood sugar levels best protect against heart trouble in those with diabetes?
3:04 What is the difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes?
5:20 What is the connection between diabetes and heart disease and stroke?
7:00 How can I control my risk for having a heart attack or stroke?
9:25 I watch my A1C and blood sugar levels, is that enough to prevent heart complications?
11:56 Are there medications I can take to help lower my risk?
14:35 Are my diabetes and my high blood pressure connected?
17:35 Does having chronic kidney disease increase my risk for a heart attack or stroke?
19:00 Are there regular tests or screenings I should get?
21:52 What about non-clinical factors? How important are they?
26:05 What are the effects of diet and exercise on diabetes as it relates to heart health?
31:50 Tips from the Doctors

Understanding Heart Failure in Diabetes

In this segment, Zachary Bloomgarden, MD; Silvio Inzucchi, MD; and Dennis P. Scanlon, PhD, consider the use of diabetes-indicated therapies for the treatment of heart failure in broader patient populations.

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  2. Shon Mardani

    I believe we do not have enough energy to continuously pump blood using heart muscles. What does not make sense is the orientation of the heart muscle fibers and the lack of any physical support inside the heart for contraction, absence of nerves and lactic acid buildup in the muscles.

    The gravity force causes increased atmospheric air pressure resulting in increased temperature and reduced distance between chemical elements. Chemical reactions in the lungs cause the blood to compress by changing the conformations of the proteins making up the red and white blood cells. Blood expands in the left side of the heart causing elongation of the heart followed by closing and opening the proper valves, then recoiling and snapping back of the heart muscles/elastic fibers pushes the blood out of the heart.

    Since the blood expansion is in both directions, combination of blood vessels branching, diameters and the heart valves directs the blood in one direction and prevent backflow, like Diodes, heart works like a Capacitor and arteries, veins and capillaries work like Solenoid, neurons, nodes and glands work like Transistors and ICs to regulate the resonance frequencies of all the biological cycles. Diseases and organ failures happen when these cycles go out of sync with each other by changes in their frequency.

    It is possible that SA and RA nodes trigger a gradual and positively progressive recoiling of the heart muscle fibers by stimulating some of the fibers to cause a chain reaction and snap back.

    Diaphragm does not function as a mechanical pump, it is the mechanism to increase the space available for lungs to expand, like the Carburetor intake valve which changes the air volume and manifold pressure and the power output.

    The concept of pumping by fill and release is seen in every biological system we have, like filling and releasing air in the lungs, blood in the heart, urine in the bladder, food in the digestive system, fetus in the uterus, sperm in the testicles and all the nodes and glands in the body.

    This means that placenta is a temporary heart and not lungs.

    Also it is important to remember that the only gas forming bubbles in the decompressed blood is Nitrogen and no O2 or CO2.

    I also believe all the bacterias and infections in or on our body are our own genetic materials encapsulated in lipid based proteins, They are the cell's nucleus which experienced interruption at some stage of their cell cycle, so they could not be recycled or recombined with other white blood cells to form a complete cell. Simply the white blood cells are our own cells in different stages of their cell cycle. White blood cells are released in and collected from the capillaries, in many cases neurons regulate this process. WBCs manifest as pus, infection and inflammation and if they contain encapsulated genetic materials, we call that bacterial or viral infection.

    Please let me know what you think, thanks.

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