Understanding Colon Cancer Treatment Options

Understanding Colon Cancer Treatment Options
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Dr. Steven Nurkin shares various options for colorectal cancer treatment, and explains what sets Roswell Park apart when it comes to treating colon cancer. Learn more: https://www.roswellpark.org/cancer/colorectal/treatment
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Colorectal Polyps, Causes, Signs and Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment.

A colorectal polyp is a polyp (fleshy growth) occurring on the lining of the colon or rectum.[1] Untreated colorectal polyps can develop into colorectal cancer.[2]

Colorectal polyps are often classified by their behaviour (i.e. benign vs. malignant) or cause (e.g. as a consequence of inflammatory bowel disease). They may be benign (e.g. hyperplastic polyp), pre-malignant (e.g. tubular adenoma) or malignant (e.g. colorectal adenocarcinoma).

Colorectal polyps are not usually associated with symptoms.[2] When they occur, symptoms include bloody stools; changes in frequency or consistency of stools, such as a week or more of constipation or diarrhoea;[3] and fatigue arising from blood loss.[2] Anemia arising from iron deficiency can also present due to chronic blood loss, even in the absence of bloody stools.[3][4] Another symptom might be increased mucous production especially those involving villous adenomas.[4] Copious production of mucous causes loss of potassium that can occasionally result in symptomatic hypokalemia.[4] Occasionally, if a polyp is big enough to cause a bowel obstruction, there may be nausea, vomiting and severe constipation.[3]
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  1. Annie Hyams

    Thank you so much for sharing an interesting video 👍👍😀😀🌹🌹❤️❤️

  2. anthony Pope

    i have had polyps twice and the second ones they found said they was metaplastic what ever that means the first ones the found i was in my young 50s i am now 56 on both of them i got to watch it being done i could see on the tv i got gas and air or sedation but i did not have any a bit painfull the second time round i was a difficult case and they showed me the polyps as they grabbed them and burnt them off its the bowl prep and being told you can eat only black coffe and tea for the bowl prep was nasty and painfull when it gets to work and you are on the loo for hours and you have to do it all again the day you are having done but its worth it in the end to fined polyps and you results come back clear if you need to have one have done could save your life dont let this put you off i am just saying thats happen to me i have a few colonoscopys i rather have that than a gastroscopy you dont gag with the other lol

  3. r3v0l

    If going raw vegan seem 'extreme', describe death

  4. Luckyn Natural beauty

    Thanks doctor for this brief yet more detailed information my mother has just did the colonoscopy and its 10cm and 75% .Am kinda scared
    This video real gave me a clear picture on what to expect next. Thanks alot

  5. Rob Newman

    This is like looking at the Future.

  6. Linda McNeil

    Interesting, the science for meat is inaccurate and meta analysis used is based on food surveys where confounders are matched out.. there is no real science based evidence to eliminate or decrease meat intake, by the time meat hits the intestine, it is chym

  7. Dao the Eternal Nameless Beyond Thought

    "Your destiny is not Death but the end of "I AM"…ego/false identification…

  8. Patricia Staton

    I Just got my test down. HE IS A GOOD DOCTER.HE HAS TAKEING 3 of I said tumors I do not think it cancer .my you'll get: cancer in our family stomach cancer

  9. Oceane Khan

    I have sessile serrated polyp small flat going to have colonoscopy to remove it endoscopic man said not cancer how he know not been tested yet am worried if I cancer

  10. Joseph Batuigas

    im here because i cant feel hunger anymore -.-

  11. Steve Soltysiak

    At age 46 I was diagnosed with 56 tumors with the largest as big as a grapefruit. No symptoms, was caught on a routine exam by a Wonderful doctor. Went thru 7 months of chemo after 4 feet of colon removal called a resection. I was given 3-5 years but still going well after 8 yrs. every year they take out 13-28 more polyps. Just a maintenance, no big deal guys. Good luck!! Feel free to ask questions:)

  12. DaRyteJuan

    “I have a vewwy good fweind in Wome named Biggus Villous.”

  13. Ann Read

    I was diagnosed on May 1st with a stage 3 Adenocarcinoma. Now I am waiting for date for keyhole surgery. I go for pre op assessment on June 3rd and as we still have Covid I have to go into complete isolation for 2 weeks before op, which will be hard enough without thinking about what is going to happen. To be honest I am shellshocked and try to steer the talk away from it with my family. I have 4 kids married, 11 grandchdren and going on for 20 GT. Grandchildren. So I have a lot of thoughts going around in my head.

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  15. בתיה מנסוף

    חבל שאין תרגופ לעברית

  16. Marcus Martinez

    Brief yet informative – well done!

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