Unboxing and Setup: LEVELS Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

Unboxing and Setup: LEVELS Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)
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Unboxing and Setup: LEVELS Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM)

Today we Unbox and Setup the Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) by LEVELS Health! Don’t be nervous….

The set-up (aka. Injection) is painless. And I’m really interested in learning what the Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) will say about my diet, workout routine, sleep and more.

While CGM is usually worn by Diabetics or those who are pre-diabetic, the Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor is made specifically for those who want to use the information to dial in their fitness and health.

I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn after my month with this CGM, and will share it here on the Connect the Watts channel so make sure and subscribe so you don’t miss it: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXR5UyxWQdZ50pWyNn5FyoQ?sub_confirmation=1

Visit https://www.connectthewatts.com for more

Also, for those of you interested in the Levels Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for yourself, they are still in BETA, however you can get on their waitlist here: https://www.levelshealth.com

I will update this section of the video once LEVELS CGM is available for everyone.

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  1. Mitchell Rabushka

    Can you get glucose levels after you eat something so you can see how difference foods (like Snickers bars) affect your glucose levels? What kind of feedback do you get after 1 month?

  2. michele sganga

    You have a cool box but inside it you just have a libre sensor, the worst CGM because it is absolutely not reliable.
    There are CGM built for athlete but this is not one of them…
    Indeed you need to scan the sensor to read the result while as athlete you are interested in reading your sugar in real time… And maybe read your sugar level from your sport watch.
    Libre sensor is a frode. It is so bad that many people affected by diabetes type 1 had serious issues taking actions (lile infect few units of insulin) when it was not necessary. This is why many countries stopped importing such a device. Maybe… If you desire some data is ok nut remember that the interstitial fluid has a delay from your actual sugar level and Vitamin C can make the reading completely off.

  3. WaitingForYukiOnna

    is it okay to workout the muscle the monitor is injected into?

  4. divya reddy

    How to buy this one.. can you give more details like do we need to take subscriptions or single kit ..

  5. Nuke Boiler

    When you YouTube "Continous Glucose Monitor" and see someone you grew up with like 3rd video down…

    Thanks for a great video Colin!

  6. DB4A

    Looks and sounds like a FreeStyle Libre for non- diabetics.

  7. Cass Stevens

    their website says $200/year plus $200/shipment of patches. So is that $200/shipment for two patches monthly ($2400/year)?

  8. Capt JackPal

    Im so scared of the needle. eek

  9. TheHanStudios

    That Freestyle Libre CGM is for Diabetics. I don't know who told you otherwise. As a Diabetic myself, I have only seen 1 CGM that is actually made for non-Diabetics, and its a bit unfortunate because we need all innovation in this field made for the specific purpose of getting more Diabetics like myself to adopt it so they can manage their blood glucose better. I can see why some fitness buffs would want to use something like this, but it is not something I or likely even a doctor would recommend because non-Diabetics blood sugar fluctuates regularly after meals but always goes back down to a normal level. If you react to those increases or decreases (which will never go too high or too low since you aren't Diabetic in any way) then you may end up over-correcting for something.

    To each their own, but I think it is a mistake for any CGM company to invest in non-Diabetics rather than Type 1/2 Diabetics that actually need to use the devices to manage their blood glucose. Thumbs down me if you want lol.

  10. Gospodin Jean

    Interesting video. But is the needle hard? or soft?
    it is an interesting device. but I would hate to have a needle inside my skin at all times

  11. The Unboxer

    All that is. is the freestyle libre 14 day system. And the levels and libre link apps. But the patch is awesome.

  12. Jammy

    I just got mine!! Cant wait to try it !!!

  13. Mohit Bansal

    Nice video, I use FreeStyle libre with Nightrider, it help me to continuous track the glucose on the phone. They are a game changer, save me having to do multiple finger pricks everyday.

  14. Luke Swift

    So how did you like LEVELS? Would you recommend it to others?

  15. Allie Bart

    Nice video, I have been using FreeStyle Libre with BluCon NightRider to keep track of my glucose levels on the phone and watch. It helped me a lot with great flexibility and helped me manage my glucose condition in the best possible way.

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