Type 1 Diabetes Aware | Diabetes UK and JDRF UK

Type 1 Diabetes Aware | Diabetes UK and JDRF UK
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Type 1 Diabetes Aware | Diabetes UK and JDRF UK

Diabetes UK and JDRF UK believe everyone needs to be aware of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. We are working together to raise awareness of the condition and to make sure the signs and symptoms are spotted immediately. The video features children living with type 1 diabetes and showing the most common symptoms of the condition. About 2,000 children a year are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in the UK. Please share this video with your friends, family and schools to make sure they are aware of the symptoms of type 1 diabetes. If not diagnosed quickly enough, your child will get very sick, very quickly.
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DUK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diabetesuk
JDRF Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JDRFUK

DUK Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/diabetesuk
JDRF Twitter:http://www.twitter.com/jdrfuk

DUK website: http://www.diabetes.org.uk
JDRF website: http://www.jdrf.org.uk

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  1. Syeda Afshan

    I am a type one diabetic,when I was of 10 yrs

  2. Simon Blackburn

    Diagnosed 4 days ago, mother is type 1, she spotted the signs, took a blood test and levels were above 33 :/, taken to hospital that night

  3. aggs bz

    My 19 year old son was diagnoes a day ago. Just returned home from icu. As a mother i am heartbroken and in shock. Scared to death for him. As is he. I am at the stage where i camt stop crying. He is just numb on the inside. i hope it will get easier.

  4. Ziyad

    I have had daibetes for 13.5 years and a half and i got tried of having diabetes and i am wondering if it could damage me now?please help me

  5. JJ Stubbs

    Heya, I've had it for 7 years now I promise you it wont slow you down if you dont let it,. it's just another factor that you have to take into consideration but your life wont change 🙂

  6. JJ Stubbs

    My doctor told me to come back in 2 weeks for a test but not to worry because I definitely dont have diabetes,. the next day I was rushed into hospital and they told me I should of been in a comma my levels were so high,.

  7. Isabella Roydhouse

    I became type 1 diabetic on the 3rd July 2012, so this year actually so I haven't gone through all the experiances yet. :/

  8. Trevor Nicol

    Diagnosed in 1966. During the unquenchable thirst periods I used to do the worst thing possible and that was to drink lemonade.

  9. Colin McFarlane

    I became type 1 at the age of 35 about three years ago and it was the most horrible feeling of thirst and going to toilet a lot and just feeling rubbish. I struggled like this for around 6 weeks and lost over 2 stone before i went to hospital and diagnosed.

  10. Emily Owen

    I've been Type 1 for five years now- i'm 13 and live a perfectly normal life. Your charity is amazing!

  11. Paul Buchanan

    I'm 44 and have just become a Type 1 – so it really can happen at any age!

  12. smarts1100

    very good video. I got it last year (age 20) and my GP thought I had a virus. I went home and got incredibly sick and eventually ended up in intensive care for a few days. I always try and educate people I meet about it, but my experience makes me wonder if GPs are fully educated about Type 1 Diabetes. I'm sure this video would help.

  13. britishgurl2000

    They didn't mention the unbelieveable hunger

  14. Gareth Rowbotham

    it's just saying that before children are diagnosed they will drink a lot of water. It's nothing to do with electrolytes – it's just their immune system is attacking the pancreas, reducing the insulin in their system so the glucose they eat cannot give them energy. They then get energy from stored fats, which produces ketones. These are poisonous, so to wash them out, the child goes to the toilet more and is always thirsty.

    It's a well understood science. No need for "snakecharmer oils' here!

  15. Varion Bluefire

    I received Type 1 diabetes at the age of 9, 9 years on and I still get trouble with it, it's not the doing the injection parts, it's explaining to people around I'm not a 'druggie' I'm a diabetic, these ain't real drugs, it's insulin, a natural enzyme you have in said you, that my body fails to produce now. I do indeed wish people were more aware!

  16. Mari Blake

    Fantastic, would be great to see played in all schools, my 3 yr old nearly lost her life to T1 because we didn't know what it was!

  17. mark cooper

    Great that some awareness is getting shown i always think it should be made more aware of because i dont think people really realize how dangerous it can be would love to see some posters put about in gps ,hospitals ,clinics to make people even more aware.

  18. The Lone Wolf XD

    This is soo true im 13 and have had type 1 diabetes for 3 years now

  19. Jamie MCUR

    My brother (15) has Type 1 Diabetes and I'm just thankful we recognized the signs early. I couldn't bare it if something happened to him.

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