Trick Yourself into Finding Motivation to Exercise By Using Psychology

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  1. WetBreadNo

    I Just got into working out then i got sick and couldnt do it for a long while and all the exercise i did feels like it was for nothing and now i cant get the motivation start again…

  2. fitforfreelance

    Thanks for these tips! I'll share them with my clients

  3. Knight at the Crossroads

    Tell me after 16 years a lorry driver who works 6 days and 13-15 hours a day ……start in the dark in the morning and autumn and winter stop after dark…..not really physical work just stressful. How shall I find motivation? I tell you I used to go to gym everyday,played tennis before the caraccident 25 years ago. I ran marathin in 3.5 hours I even ran 60 km in 6 hours but that all is lost deep in the abyss. I have no motivation anymore……what to do?

  4. Mitzi Miau

    Thank you for uploading this video, it's exactly what I needed! Keep up the good work!

  5. Loren Beuke

    Too general. You need more structure in your advice.

  6. Little Miss Trouble

    I was consistent for over a year. I don't know what's happening lately. I think my biggest fear is losing the progress. Especially flexibility. My over side splits and over middle splits were higher. I'm barely getting into these poses now.😔

  7. Mario Covarrubias

    Everyone I think what helped me is watching the Ted talk video by Wendy Suzuki. The information Is amazing but what I’m really trying to get at is her ending. She tells the audience to get up and do this quick aerobic excercise that gets you feeling pumped.

    So before you excercise, do you feel groggy or not motivated enough to do it but know u want to?
    Do some freestyle movements in repetition for about a minute even longer if u want.. after that you’ll feel ready to go.

    I promise you’ll feel a Change

  8. Neely Witham

    So smart, my mind was so on board with "start with just 1 minute a day then increase." I'm excited now. 😊

  9. Failed Society

    "follow your intrinsic motivation"
    There is nothing to follow here

  10. SpaghetBurger

    i googled and googled about what the recommended cardio exercise time was and got the minimum at 30 minutes 3 times a week and i just can't do it. i actually loathe that it has to be 30 minutes per time. i think i will start with 20 minutes 3 times a week because that fits better with i can watch a 20 minute episode of seinfeld on netflix while doing the cardio on my exercise bike in my apartment.

  11. CH007EH

    I know it's fun, I did it for half a year, but then I stopped because of stress (I'm in my final school year, learning for the "Abitur" = A-levels).
    But I'm pretty sure that it would help with the stress, so I need tips to motivate myself to do it again!
    So thank you! 😊🤗

  12. Rosa Guzman

    I kind of enjoy exercise but my surroundings don’t make it easy I know it’s about my changes not the people around me yes but honestly it has taken a toll on me I’ve lost 20 lbs so far but I am far from my goal and it really discourages me from continuing

  13. just some random guy

    finally i can combine this with the rock rapping

  14. Al Hababsi

    Everytime I have a leg day, I have a battle with myself about going to the gym…

  15. Geoffrey

    Do you know what i could do with 50grand extra a year?

  16. Ruben Barrera

    Accidentally found this channel. Hilarious. Lol

  17. Ana -*

    I go to this gym and I pay $99 per month for my membership and $20 for my son, is worth it though

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