Trendy Fitness Apparel Vendors!! (fitness wear, resistance bands, etc) || EP. 5

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In this video we’ll talk about my top affordable fitness apparel brands for men. Some of the brands on this list include Gymshark, Live fit, Legends and a few surprises.

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0:00 Intro
1:38 Gymshark
3:05 legends
3:59 the iron willed
4:57 NFQ
8:17 live fit
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  1. Thaa Pierre-louis

    Really good video
    thank you so much for helping me

  2. EverythingInShee👑

    Thank you sis ❤️❤️

  3. Araes Melisa

    Do they have waist trainers??

  4. eddie yu

    Hi, we are the professional manufacturers from China, we do custom made activewear according to the requirements at our unit,low MOQ,large stock

  5. Talha Shahbaz

    Hi, we are the professional manufacturers from Pakistan, we do custom made activewear according to the requirements at our unit.

  6. Hypr Fit

    do you have nay vendors that are sourced in the US? that would be super helpful.

  7. Rick van de Roer

    This was awesome! I've been trying to search for a YouTube vid like yours that teaches the topics in this YouTube vid! 🧑🏻‍⚕️Your explanation is like the videos from Doctor Ethan. Ethan's tips are insightful and I actually learned a lot for my finals. He is an educational Dr in Europe and he explains health.

    Go see his YT out and give Dr Ethan a subscribe! ➡️ #DrEthanTips

  8. ꐕ •

    The quality of your content is amazing.

  9. Top Alpha Anime

    When are your shorts going to restock

  10. Hard Rock Relics

    Literally just go to Marshall’s Ross or even Nordstrom rack…

  11. YDCClothing Customer Service

    Content is golden man keep grinding 🔥

  12. AD 3

    I like your channel keep up the good work. Are going to do a review of the best fitness/workout sneakers for the gym and the streets? I’m interested.

  13. hugoinup

    An Amazon Haul would be super helpful!

  14. Alfonso Payan

    Oh hell naw, I didn’t check your subs until after I finished the video
    Thought you were in the 10s of thousands
    Subbed man

  15. EnVyWRLD

    Hey where did you get your posters in the back I’ve been looking for them everywhere

  16. Shellie Ramsey

    Thank you, gym clothes were requested as a bday present and I didn't think he'd like yoga pants and sports bras haha thanks for the advise!

  17. Robert Good

    Subscribed for your good personality. Commented to show support. Keep it up bruh!

  18. Winning With Wells

    Great video bro! Keep it up!!

  19. Tyler Moreland

    Hey man hood video, I think you have a good future ahead bro keep it up!!!! Also is plantar protein that good? 🤔

  20. Hunter Hulsing

    Legend is not cheap, I’m not dropping $60 on a pair of shorts 🤣

  21. Moises Leanos

    Aye!! I appreciate the aesthetics. Keep it up bro you’ll make it!!!

  22. john dough

    Thank you man, you’ve helped me out so much!

  23. Velo

    Great video man thank you! One thing though. It was tough to hear you talking with the back ground music so high most of the video.

  24. Na'im Harrison

    Great stuff! I would love to get with you and send you some apparel from my company that’s emerging this year. Let me know if you still dropping shoutouts for fitness apparel companies. Great job bro.

  25. emiloluwafe jayeoba

    Yo what did you drink with the water

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