Treatment Options for Colon Polyps | Alireza Sedarat, MD | UCLAMDChat

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Join UCLA gastroenterologist Alireza Sedarat, MD, for an overview of colon polyps and how they are treated, with a focus on endoscopic removal of large colon polyps to prevent progression to colon cancer. Learn more:
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Giacomo Bregni, MD, Jules Bordet Institute, Brussels, Belgium, shares his views on how treatment strategies for colon and colorectal cancer will evolve over the next few years, highlighting results from the FOxTROT trial (NCT00647530) and the potential role of immune checkpoint inhibitors in the future. This interview took place at the virtual American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Annual Meeting 2021.
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  1. Devendra Ramanna

    Thank you so much for this information Dr Ali. More Doctors need to watch this and explain it to their patients like you did.

  2. Kim Young

    Thank you so much Sir ❤️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. Dee A.

    Phenomenal video. I just had 4 polyps removed and wasnt given any of this info, so appreciate being able to have a clear idea of what's going on

  4. Rishabh Mishra

    Rectal polyps are one of the most common diseases affecting the large bowel and are the non-malignant tumors that are sessile, flat or pedunculated. Planet Ayurveda care center provide best ayurvedic herbs to get rid from Rectal polyps disease.

  5. fathima afreen

    I have many polyps in my colon. Do I need a surgery?

  6. Charlotte

    I appreciate doctor ajakaja on YouTube for curing me totally and permanently from polyps with his powerful natural herbal remedies

  7. 法鲁艾哈迈德

    When I found out that I have a colon polyp, I really panicked. Thank you for assuring that it's not something to worry that much about.

  8. Mansour

    جناب دکتر علیرضا صدارت در این ویدیو شما خیلی خوب بریدن و کلا برداشتن انواع پولیپ را به نمایش گذاشتید. من اسمم منصور است و در سیدنی استرالیا زندگی میکنم و 83 سال دارم. اخیرا بعلت درد سمت چپ پایین شکمم به بیمارستان مراجعه کردم و پنج روز آنجا بودم. بیماریم را Diverticulitis تشخیص دادند و 10 روز جمعا به من آنتی بیوتیک دادند. حالا هیچ دردی ندارم اما مانند یکی دو ماه گذشته دفع فضولات خیلی کم کم انجام میشود و به دفات به دستشویی مراجعه میکنم و توام با گاز خیلی کم دفع میشود. اشتهایم هم خیلی کم شده این روزها غذاهای نرم مصرف میکنم. فکر میکنید به کولونوسکوپی کردن احتیاج داشته باشم یا روده بزرگم دارای پولیپ است و امکان سرطانی شدن میرود یا نه. دکترم گفت اگر حالت بد تر شد بعد از 2 ماه دیگر به من تلفن کن. به نظر شما کولونوسکوپی لازم است یانه؟ قبلا از شما همشهری متخصص تشکر میکنم. منصور

  9. Shel Chicago

    Thank you doctor for explaining it

  10. Isaac Ali

    Removal of adenomas will not prevent t cancer if it has acquired the cancer mutations

  11. Kevin Wellwrought

    Is surgery the only option for removing polyps?

  12. beverly francis

    Very informative detailed video. Thanks.

  13. beverly francis

    How I see it, there is polyp, remove it please.

  14. Raji Nevin

    This guy looks so depressed. Look at his body language. WOW!

  15. L

    Found benign polyps. Was told to wait another 5 years for next colonoscopy.

  16. DaFire Menz

    have a 30mm polyp in mid ascending-colon…..they want to surgery,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was attempted via colonoscopy, but too big. Your opinion?

  17. allkindsamusicchick

    The 'possible' consequences of a polyp removal are not fun to imagine or have to endure. I just went through a polyp removal in my cecum. After the pre-colonoscopy, the colonoscopy, and the removal….it's A LOT to deal with!! Makes you wonder if all of this is Really necessary??? I think Everyone should have a camera whoomped up their tushy, then have some precious skin tag Seared off!!! I'm still tender from the procedure. I'm thinking….Never Again!!!

  18. Unitedflyier

    If you cannot prove family history because of adoption or no contact with biological parents, what are the recommended time lines for screening? Is there any difference?

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