Treating Athlete's Foot – Cream powder or spray

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Which works best for athlete’s foot – a cream a powder or a spray?

Here are the links to the products shown in the video:
Lotrimin AF:
Lotrimin Ultra (the one week method):

Here is a link to the abstract of the study noted in the video:


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  1. John Cardullo

    The Gold Bond Foot Powder eliminated athletes foot that spread to other places like the crotch area. It was a life saver for me!

  2. Gregory Salter

    Can I put socks and shoes on after applying?

  3. LugNuts

    Great video, straight to the point. Thanks

  4. Elhadi Fadi

    Hello, i used this product for 10 day, but no sign of cure is shown. What I have to do?
    Thanks (Athlete's foot)

  5. Ashley Onix

    Does this help with the bottom of the foot? I don’t need it so much in between my toes, as much as I need it around the phalanges, heel, metatarsals, arch, etc. It’s all around my foot

  6. Cowboy Grimace Li

    The thing is, do you have to clean the area in particular?

  7. kass

    thank you heading to the store first thing in the morning

  8. Richard Lovato

    itching it feels so good im not sure I wanna cure it

  9. Praveen Sriram

    I hurt my foot 🦶 when walking today since I walked 3.3 miles in sandals 🩴 and it rubbed hard on my feet 👣. I hope I didn’t catch athethes foot.

  10. Dwillz Filmz

    My skin is white between my pinky toe would I need tht cream

  11. Adrian Alejo

    I work ten hour shifts and i can't just avoid having sweat in my boots I've had the fungus for like six years now 😟

  12. Allan Mibei

    Hi doc can this be applied in the hands and legs for ringworm

  13. Kostas

    Very informative. Thank you for the content 😊

  14. Jayy Vee

    How long after applying the ultra version can I put on socks?

  15. LauraLove Hernandez

    You said “if it really is athletes foot”. What other issues are like this if it’s not athletes foot?

  16. Antonio Marco Martinez

    Dang I got the wrong one I got the jock itch one I been putting it on my feet for the past few days 🤦‍♂️

  17. Bryan Ekberg

    I had issue with fungus between the toes that i could not keep gone with foot cream. Podiatrist put me on oral lamisil for 2 months. Cleared everything up. Been off of that for maybe a month. Noticed fungus between 2 toes last night. Started cream again. Do I start over again with creams or should I go straight back to doctor for more oral medication?

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