TOP 6 SMARTWATCHES of 2022 [Best by Category]

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Galaxy Watch 4:
Fitbit Sense:
Garmin Venu 2:
Garmin Venu SQ:
Galaxy Watch 4 Classic:
Mi Band 6:
Garmin Vivomove Style:
Fitbit Charge 4:
Apple Watch 6:
Apple Watch SE:

In this video, I break down the top 6 smartwatches of 2022 by category. These categories are designed to encompass anyone seeking a new smartwtach. Whether on for fitness, style, weight loss, or integration, one of these watches should be the perfect fit for you!

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Please comment below with any questions you might have. Thank you all for watching! I appreciate you!

0:00 why 6 “best watches”?
1:30 category 1: Sports smartwatch
2:50 category 2: Weight loss
4:00 category 3: best looking smartwatch
5:20 category 4: best budget smartwatch
7:15 category 5: best fitness band
9:00 category 6: best overall iOS/Android

Disclaimer: This video is purely based on my experiences, research, and opinions. You and only you are responsible for your actions. I made this channel to advise viewers and I truly hope to help you all out. I love making these videos and connecting with my viewers!
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  1. Mike O'Brien
  2. Neko of Fortune

    Honestly for someone like me the Trex sounds and looks AMAZING, probably the best for me anyways, but the problem would be like you said no 3rd party apps, and God damn do I need 3rd party apps so badly, if there is a way to sneak around it maybe but I doubt I'll be doing it since it isn't native, unless there is an alternative to that monster of a watch, price is something to watch out for but if it's worth it then its worth it xD

  3. J King

    I lost you when you said apple watch is the best over all. Apple products are the most overrated garbage. Apple watch is the most EXPENSIVE watch and it has the most shittiest battery life. Why don't you share that with ppl?

  4. Daphne Phokoje

    I just bought galaxy 4 classic Nd I so happy to hear you saying it's the best. Thank You.

  5. JustALight Light

    I absolutely love love LOVE ❤️ My Samsung galaxy 4 classic. I just wish it charged faster…

  6. Mx2 CE

    Thanks Michael, great video – detail and speed perfect for my ADD

  7. WhiteFlowerIsMID

    my best friend has the xiaomi mi band 6

  8. No Name

    lost 75 lbs with the fitbit charge 5. Love it.

  9. Gregory Myers

    I need a manual for a Fitbit LT716(G) smartwatch

  10. DeadManSitting

    The Garmin Fenix is the best smartwatch in almost all categories.
    You not having it in your list is an indication that your comparison is lacking…

  11. Andrea De Rosa

    which one have the biggest screen?

  12. Wall-e

    I need a Pebble successor. Still rocking the OG with Rebble support.

  13. Coroa

    The problem with 'best of' videos that are not released near years end, is that they don't take into account stuff that is released later in that same year.

  14. Tiffany Verrill

    Even though there was several options you showed, I’m still trying to find a good alternative to the Apple Watch SE. I was recently given a Fitbit Versa 2 and although I like it, I cannot add my debit cards for tap pay bc Fitbit doesn’t support navy federal. I planned on getting the SE near the end of September after the pricing of the newer apple watches will be released but I still want a second option incase I decide to not get it. I don’t exercise so I won’t use any health tracker features, I just care about messaging/calling, music (Spotify) tap pay (supports navy federal) being able to set alarms/reminders, weather app, calendar and “find phone” thing, and is compatible with Apple. I also want the design to be similar to apple watches. If I get the SE I’m willing to pay the full amount (Full amount up front out of pocket) but if it’s the alternative then I prefer 230 or lower.

  15. Mr. Earth

    "Looks don't matter"
    The most replayed part of the video is the best looking watch

  16. Mario Perez

    I need a watch for my android Im looking for I can get apps txt can can answer phone calls ect. What you recommend?

  17. Jessy K

    Best budget smart band has to go for Honor band 6.
    I got mine for ₹2500($32)
    Light weight, you won't feel a thing
    1 week battery
    Simple and basic.
    Great sleep tracking.

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