Top 6 Best Smart Gyms – The BEST Home Fitness Gyms

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Counting down the Top 6 Best Smart Home Gyms money can buy!

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  1. Jorge Zelaya

    I ordered the Mirror for my wife. It was supposed to be delivered on 12/23. However, the Mirror never arrived, not even a courtesy call to inform me that it wasn't coming. And now the company is giving me the runaround with no delivery date scheduled as of yet. I think I made a mistake in buying this from a company with no track record.

  2. Javier Gallego

    That's funny a product that has been released yet from the time of this recording should not be considered 2 or any of the 5… 2 is the tempo

  3. Ed Brodsky

    Tonal is the best!!! Never enjoyed working out as much as with tonal.

  4. Claes Lind

    6:49 2495 dollars per month? Did you mean to say that?

  5. Yowzoe

    That was super-helpful for me, thank you so much for putting it together. It should have a lot more views.

    I’m thinking of dipping my toes into the smart home gym with the tempo move, which is actually around 400 bucks, at least over Black Friday Cyber Monday. You use your TV, it comes with less weights than the regular tempo. If anyone has any feedback on that, I’d love to hear it.

  6. Ada Cai - Digital Singage Solutions

    we are the fitness mirror factory in shenzhen China, we also agree with, now, the fitness mirror more and more popular in EU now

  7. Samantha Frank

    Just ordered my Forme Studio. 😜😄😀

  8. Daniela Cobb

    There’s another machine called the Speediance that is similar to the Tonal but it doesn’t require mounting to the wall. I really want the Speediance but it isn’t as aesthetic as the Tonal and it looks like a piece of equipment. I want it to go into my living room or dining room so it’s important to me that it looks good. Also right now Speediance is offering lifetime streaming service so no monthly charge like the Tonal.

  9. Latanga Lacey

    I had purchased my mirror January 2021. I still say it's the best!

  10. HawaiianKong

    Permanent mounting, required subscriptions, can't use it while traveling nor are you accustomed to traditional weight movements if you find a gym while traveling. I don't understand the appeal of being so locked into this kind of stuff

  11. Florida Diver

    I’d buy a Tonal if there wasn’t a subscription

  12. Marilyn Field

    Can Tonal be used by 2 members of the same household? Do they track your workouts separately?

  13. Joe

    I can't get over the $40-$50 subscription fees with these machines. Up to $3000 for the machine itself, plus a $50 per month subscription is insane. This is more than a gym membership would cost you. One big advantage of a home gym is to save money. They're charging for streaming content. There's no reason they can't charge the same as other streaming content providers. Netflix, Hulu, Apple Fitness, Spotify, Alo Yoga, all streaming content providers no more than $20 per month. These smart gym companies are greedy.

  14. Taru Guito

    tonal number 1 lmaoo. For that price and subscription I can pay my rent and GYM and still travel to Europe every 6 months 🤣🤣

  15. Theodore Boosalis

    Makes Peloton look like blithering idiots. JaxJox looks really cool – so did Tempo – more of a free weight fan – but time under tension with some of these others are very good as well.

  16. CriMoney

    If you end Tonal subscription, what does it do?

  17. Vilhelm Stein

    Id get the tonal if it didn't require the subscription

  18. Julio Pantoja

    Planet fitness here in south central la does not look like that jajajaja

  19. sami udsan

    u not a local why u misliding everybody

  20. Joey

    It’s easy to see that tho he lifts, he is pretty uneducated and doesn’t seem to be very in twine with the fitness community

  21. Jagan Joseph

    PF would have been ideal if not for the No lunk rule.

  22. RAHHicecream

    Equinox is for famous people who don’t want to be bothered by fans while working out and just want to feel normal

  23. Sheep Dog69

    I love how you were in planet fitness talking loud as fuck just absolutely shitting on everybody around you HAHAHA. I been going to PF for 8 months 2 hours a night 5 days a week and i've made some progress in that b. I did however switch gyms today to the next step up… a Regular commercial gym that's like 10 mins from my house, but it's fucking massive and has way more weight equipment…. and actual fucking free weights. all for only $30 a month… $10.00 more than PF.

    Also that $300 a month gym looks tiny asf, like don't get me wrong it's nice and everything, but the vibes i get from that gym are like it's a gym women pay for to hide from men while they work out, or it's like a gym for retired old rich white people lol.

  24. Zero Radius

    Recording in a public restroom / changing room is against the law…..

  25. Sal Martinez

    Dude was completely shitting on the ppl at PF 😂

  26. Rashad Ferrari

    300 a month is for rich people who dont like to be around people who are not in their tax bracket.. its an exclusion thing and has nothing to do with weights or fitness.

  27. Jahmaal Marshall

    This is probably his worst video… the comments are very telling 🤣

  28. Kenneth Shaheen Jr.

    Planet Fitness is for the average person. If you want to be fit and healthy they will do. But you get what you pay for.

  29. R-Empiire

    its not that a low price gym is bad, its planet fitness that is literally an adult playground not a gym. You can go to a gym like crunch fitness, same price, but has way better equipment and lots of free weights.

  30. Brandi Ramos

    Spending $300 a month on a gym membership is the dumbest waste of money I think I've ever heard of. You can get fit by running let alone at Planet Fitness lmfao

  31. Samantha M

    I loved equinox. It was the eucalyptus towels got me. Hot and cold ones.

  32. Marc Cuomo

    He'd get the shit slapped out of him at any boxing or mma gym…… Dude is a clown

  33. Ruckus TV

    Those upper gyms tend to have higher prices because it’s for those professionals who make a living off fitness etc this one he’s at just looks like a generic overpriced Hollywood type gym the ones I’m referring to are body builder or power strength gyms for around 125 a month. it dilutes the amount of ppl at the facility also specialized equipment aswell

  34. Johnny Six

    Jog on the streets or in nature do push ups do sit ups find a sparring partner to train with but don’t be some deuche fuck who buys stupid merch from a ridiculously priced gym and talks about it in his meaningless video blog

  35. Bailey Jimenez

    That basically the life time fitness over here

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