Top 10 YouTube Women's Fitness Channels – TopX Ep.20

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Welcome to the twentieth episode of TopX, the brand new show where we countdown the very best that YouTube has to offer! You can vote on future episode topics here: Today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 YouTube Women’s Fitness YouTube Channels.

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  1. eleni michailidis

    hotel-looking brothels, cooking show, gym channel; facelifts, thin body image & cartoon Disney land commercial 2 sell sex

  2. Keerthana

    Can somebody please tell me the name of the trainer at 0:43 seconds?

  3. Sharon MacLeod

    Heather Robertson is becoming one of my favorites. I don't always love her choice of music, but her not talking/narrating is different. Lots of variety on her channel as well.

  4. in-the-anomaly

    I really like Mr. & Mrs. Muscle. She's hella likable and motivates me. They have a cute relationship and just seem like really good, down-to-earth people. I highly recommend.

  5. earthian

    DANSIQUE FITNESS is the best pilates trainer I've ever seen in my life

  6. Ultimate Health & Fitness Video Excercise Tips

    This channel is good to know

  7. fitness e world 🏋‍♀⛹️‍♀🚴‍♂

    Subs.. My chanel and like



  9. julie myka

    you guys can check her out 🤗

  10. Sebastian Espinosa 2

    Bull Crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why does Bogilaties have to be number 1?!

  11. Saurabh Devendra

    The host has more screen time than the actual fitness experts. Ridiculous

  12. jeyaprabha rajesh

    WHAT! CHLOE TING NOT INCLUDED… Oh sorry it was 5 years ago.😅but whoever sees this I must say Chloe ting is great u shd try her workouts they r simply divine

  13. Bulbul Sharma

    I think nobody can do better workout than pamela reif…she is amazing

  14. Lexi Flores

    For those people like me who is lazy to finish the video.. Here you go.. Your welcome

    #10 Passion4Profession (animated)
    #9 Tara Stiles (yoga)
    #8 POPSUGAR Fitness (perky hosts)
    #7 Yoga with Adriene
    #6 Tone it Up (Bikini Series routines)
    #5 Body Rock (intense workout sessions)
    #4 XHIT Daily (celebrity workout)
    #3 Fitness Blender
    #2 Befit (fitting to be a TV show w/high profile hosts)
    #1 Blogilates (Pilates)

    My personal favorites though are for EMI Wong's workout and Roberta's Gym (although animated but it has easy to follow routines, rest time sessions and a whole list of daily workouts to choose from)

  15. Hadeeqa Farooqui

    Love cassy she is the best 😭👍💖

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