Top 10 Wackiest Workout Equipment

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Top 10 Wackiest Workout Equipment

Wacky, tacky and downright weird. These are the wackiest workout equipment you may want to avoid unless you want to look like a silly fool. We’re not saying these won’t yield great results but we’re sure there are many other ways you can get a great workout without these eyesores. Some of the weirdest ones include, the iGallop, The Hawaii Chair, Electric Ab Stimulators, The Free Flexor, The Shake Weight, The Treadmill Bike, The Thighmaster, Vibrating Belts, Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power.

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  1. Brent Delong

    Why do I believe that somewhere there is a BDSM darkroom filled with all these gadgets.

  2. Skeletal Pirate

    These ads are so disgusting with their misinformation and taking advantage of lazy people who don’t know about fitness

  3. M_Teague

    I got it. Sit on the horse-riding device, hold a shake-weight in one hand, the twirly ball in the other, have the ab shocker around your waist, and a vibrator pad on each leg. The ultimate workout.

  4. Steve Jerk

    sometime i really hate my mind.

  5. kirby superstar

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    You clicked because of the thumbnail,
    And I did too.

  6. Thomas Fisher

    Lol When I was a kid my mom had a thigh master, and I thought it was a chest fly device (where you have your arms out and pull inward with your pecs) and I'd crunch it like that a bunch of times and my mom saw me and just started laughing. She told me it isn't meant for that but he'll it kinda worked. I even used it as a push up assist a couple times, but it under me between the floor and my chest while it's pushed in all the way, and then let it help me pushing up for each push up lol. It had alot of uses I could make up for it

  7. Tyler Suter

    I’m just picturing myself accidentally walking into the wrong workout room at the gym. Instead of spinning class, I see a bunch of middle aged men and women on the igallop. Then slowly backing out questioning what I just saw.

  8. B. Baker

    At 6:00 I would have just said, look I can't do this commercial. Bye

  9. Tetsuya Sayuki

    That double ball exercise equipment looks like a pair of click clacks oh yeah I can imagine the knuckle busters lol 😂😂😂

  10. Aaron Ladner

    I Want Hawaii Chairs and Electronic Ab Stimulators in Heaven!!

  11. at

    bro, I want that bike treadmil so bad. it looks dope

  12. TheLadyEmerald809

    TBH im kinda into those honorable mentions as a form of machine workout. they actually looked like they'd work (not the sauna one, ew)

  13. Pavor Nocturnus

    The thight master works. But it's not very versatile. 😂

  14. Cee Jay

    These were all marketed to the boomer generation.

  15. Honey Kim

    That bike would make me feel more insecure than power lifting gym 😐

  16. Dexter Kun

    Srsly many tv products are useless and a waste of time and materials to make them everyday for people to use their stupit products and take money

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