Top 10 Unhealthy Foods You Probably Eat Every Day

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Top 10 Unhealthy Foods You Probably Eat Every Day
How balanced is your diet? From anything diet, to canned foods and flavoured yogurt, these unhealthy treats may shock you! WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Most Unhealthy Foods You Probably Eat Every Day .

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#10. Anything “Diet”
#9. Canned Foods
#8. Flavored Yogurt
#7. Potato Chips
#6. Processed Fruit Drinks
#5. French Fries
#4. White Bread & Pasta
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Truth Seeker

    More grease is consumed by eating dark meat and hamburger than bacon

  2. Comment expired

    and over here tripping over bananas, rice and almonds. don't get me wrong, eating lots of it is unhealthy bc of the number of calories they contain. But I am still hesitant to eat them, worrying about consuming more calories than I should be eating

  3. Sarah Amarsingh

    what are you talking about fries is a good food

  4. Sarah Amarsingh

    what are you talking about fries is good junk food is very good for you

  5. Anthony Valles

    Soda pop was my gateway to meth

  6. barry phillips

    ALL breads are BAD! Unless they are specially made and VERY VERY VERY ( $60+++ ) per loaf.
    Fresh fruit and vege ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. promise asekomeh

    I was referred to Dr Umoru on YouTube who cured me from hsv2 with his herbal supplements.

  8. Tattoo Artist

    Well all american food contains high fructose corn syrup and lot of preservatives

  9. Chidinma Chinweuba

    Thanks to everyone that recommended Dr IGUDIA on YouTube, he also make it possible for me eradicating my Type 2 Diabetes disease with his herbs medication

  10. Robert Nelson

    Was that weed covered yogurt?

  11. Colby Duggin

    Was she putting yogurt on bud ??

  12. namith lokesh

    One of my relative perfectly healthy 24 age drank tropicana everyday after a workout. He unfortunately died of blood cancer.

  13. Kalek Klosaki

    Junk food may taste good but, Remember guys, Eat just a little bit, Not too much.

  14. Demon time 😈

    Fry's just put them in the oven 🤣🤣 yall are stupid af

  15. Blu the husky

    Instead of eating on foods called diet
    Actually go on a diet

  16. GodOfThunder

    Me :- eats Pringles
    WatchMojo :- I identify cancer in your cells

  17. When Gaming999

    Ok, so my meal today didn’t include any of this, thank GOODNESS

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