Top 10 Models: Best Runway Walks 2018-2020

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A Fashion Presents: Top 10 Models: Best Runway Walks 2018-2020.
Video edited by Anna Davidsson, March 2020.

1. Timmo Hendriks – Atena
2. Timmo Hendriks – Arcane
3. Timmo Hendriks – Arsonist

Video credits:
Isabel Marant
Alberta Ferretti
Roberto Cavalli
Fashion To Max
Tom Ford
Off White
Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

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  1. mr 347 dale

    Can someone please explain what makes a catwalk “good”? I’m trying to learn more about the fashion runway world, but honestly all the walks in this video look the same to me. What differentiates a regular catwalk from an amazing one? (Hips? foot placement? Shoulder movement?)

  2. Nathali Mejia

    Kendall Jenner and all the over paid models because of their celebrity status need to take NOTESSSSSS!!!!!!!!

  3. Black Silk Magick

    Best? They all look the same minus 1-2. Tyra and Naomi would outwalk them all any day.


    Number 3 have killing walk superb

  5. Belieber forever 💜💜

    I'm 5 ft and 12 years old should I try child modeling please tell me 🥺🥺😅😅

  6. Jennifer Feliu

    The fashion is horrible though

  7. Jennifer Feliu

    This is good runway walking but the models are too tall . A model must blend in with the outside world too with small feet

  8. Use This

    That Yasmin girl has a killer walk also so does adut & imaan I can see why they’re the top 3

  9. 霧裡探花水中望月

    #5 walks lopsided, one shoulder is lower than the other?

  10. Giputi Ramputi

    Tbh, i don't really see any difference in these walks 😩 Can someone try to explain what do you really see?

  11. Nada Malki

    And I used to think they all seemed to have the same walk…

  12. Moni K

    Thank god for this video. So happy to see Adut, Imaan and Yasmin there. I mean no disrespect to the hadids and Kenny , there’s so much much models better than them, the models deserve to get all the attention .🤌

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