TOP 10 MALE MODELS of 2020

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TOP 10 | Male Models of 2020


0:00 – Intro
0:12 – Kohei Takabatake
1:12 – Parker Van Noord
2:15 – Taemin Park
3:12 – Alton Mason
4:11 – Xu Meen
5:13 – Jonas Glöer
6:15 – Malick Bodian
7:21 – Fernando Lindez
8:24 – Alpha Dia
9:28 – Daan Duez
9:38 – Jeremiah Berko Fourdjour
9:52 – Rishi Robin
10:02 – Callum Stoddart
10:11 – Leon Dame

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#Top10 #Male #Models

Top 10 most famous young models from all over the world.
In this video, we prepared the list of the Top 10 Most Famous Young models in the world. We also included their names,age, birthdays .

Age between 7_16

Cooper Lunde
He is a Korean and Canadian decent (7 yrs)

Anastasiya Knyazeva (8)

Leah Rose and Ava Marie also known as Clementstwins (9)

Anna Pavaga(10)

Alisa Samsonova(13)

Sofia Razuvaeva(14)

Kristina Pimenova(14)

Jade Weber (15)

Laneya Grace (15)

Mieka Woollard (16)

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  1. CreoPatra Empress Omega

    Every time I see a young male model I always think about my little my my ex he just waste his life

  2. Jennifer Feliu

    They need to walk more if they want to be the most popular

  3. Jennifer Feliu

    Only good looking well put together people should be in the audience

  4. Jennifer Feliu

    The bag like that on the body is correct.

  5. Harvy Harvy

    Thanks. I'll forward this list to Taylor Sweef.

  6. Lyrics& Music

    Alton mason reincarnated from doll world


    Leon Dame should be career as an actor then supermodel

  8. ピクルス

    kohei whats a stunning model and he should move to viva models to do more amazing stuff !! wish a best for him !!i cant forget first time ive seen him !!
    from anonymous stylist

  9. Redmi Gold

    For me the Best Male Topmodel it's only Fernando Lindez it's so sweet 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  10. Jochen Stossberg

    Most of the models on this list will have a short time at the top. Make the most of it. Invest in real estate.

  11. Jaime Brathwaite

    This was your selections right

  12. angela m

    Maybe it's just me… but they all look like they should eat a 🍔 or 🍔🍔.. 🤔

  13. mateo forero

    I miss the times when Best models were Fransisco lachowski, sean O'pry, Gandy, jordan barrett, and not a type of man trying to act like women and diva.

  14. Mariko Totsuka

    ポジティブ オーラ 抜群です

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