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Welcome to The Magneticflux. In this video, you will find about the top 10 HIGHEST PAID MODELS IN THE WORLD 2021. Modeling is a tough industry that keeps the people involved on their toes. But it can be highly rewarding too. If one is able to grab enough exposure and a few great deals, the industry will make you super-rich. There are even rags to riches stories in this industry. Here, take a look at the 10 highest paid models in the world in 2021. Modeling is a tricky trade that retains the individuals concerned on their toes. But it may be extremely rewarding too. If one is ready to seize sufficient publicity and some nice offers, the trade will make you tremendously wealthy, so check out the video of 10 HIGHEST PAID MODELS IN THE WORLD 2021.

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World of Outlaws Morton Buildings Late Model Series Feature Highlights from Senoia Raceway in Senoia, Georgia on October 2nd, 2021. To view the full race, visit
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  1. Youtube is owned by tiktok

    Cringe tiktokers named gigi hadid???

  2. asunaychan07

    I was waiting to hear kendell range and that my gal doesn’t disappointed me 😌

  3. Kenneth Tate

    Congratulations to all the top paid models be blessed and enjoy.

  4. Michael Campin

    Clothes horses air heads not even good looking

  5. ProFiT SMASH

    Bro these people wear the ugliest shut and get paid millions

  6. Piyush Rawat

    Lol my neighborhood girl looks 100 times more beautiful then most of these super model. I mean really without makeup I can't even recognize any of them.

  7. CrazyFoxz

    To be honest, i dont know each of them even thought they famous i my entire life until now i see this short youtube

  8. Yaileen Maldonado Méndez

    It's funny how she wanted to get into modeling through her own merits… But are paid the highest because of your sister's merits…just saying…


    And people talk about harnaz Sandhu I can't believe why is every proud there are so many people more attractive looking than Indian models. Jesus gimme a break.

  10. everything you need to know

    Kardashians/Jenner, Hadid girls, and Teigen are overrated. They are not model material. Cute social media influencers? Sure, but not runway or top fashion at all. They do not have the look and they are not elegant in style or personality.

  11. oriza dhiazwanti

    sadly some top supermodel such as anok yai, sora choi, yasmin, kaia and imaan arent in this list

  12. Sadboi 123

    So your telling me 1 wetwipe can tear up a 35 million check

  13. sora roxas

    Where are the guys?
    We demand equality

  14. mco

    Then in my gym we have super models because they look way better than this chicks.

  15. kanserfun gaming

    I would rather see Christy at number 1 than Jenner.

  16. YourFaithFulInfinity

    Kendall jenner: because of her popularity from a young age ☠

  17. brandon jodrey

    The World Of Outlaw Late Models

  18. Ray Foxworth

    Htf finished 14 straight away behind

  19. Jenae Gustin

    Heart break city for the reaper, that win is coming soon… wow!

  20. Randy Crumley

    so what's up with beating the Hell out of the car that took you to victory.

  21. JT Bre

    I’d like to the dollar amount of the damage that has been caused by the #1 car of Larson at the end of the season, it’s probably more than the points champion earns.

  22. j w

    The Wheel Man HTF Joseph Joiner. Good Run!!!

  23. Lucy Loo

    Ol Mark Whitener with a strong showing. Magic Man. His son Bubba gonna be a beast. He raced karts vs adults at age of 10 and smoked em.

  24. Brian Lehr

    Hunt the front gets all the comments!! Love those guys too but… they were never in the picture in this one… who is this Ashton Winger making a loud noise!!

  25. Taylor Sheldon

    The two most expensive cars from two of the biggest budget teams paying for more horsepower, lighter newer chassis' and all the lightest parts money can buy so their cars will go faster then the people that can't afford that much. There's no point in having rule books in racing if the people with the biggest budgets can pay to go faster then everyone else. This isn't racing, it's common sense. It's time to evolve the sport for the better.

  26. TheCrewChief

    Well Joseph Joiner should be quicker with the hybrid big/small block SB 440. With the big block style heads, intake, exhaust, block, oil pan, and big block everything else…

    Which the Draime is distant to be a expensive boat anchor now…😂

  27. stlouisrams4me

    This just in.. Clown Winger out for 2 weeks with badly bruised hands.


    ashton with his headbanging victory celebration.. looks like a idiot..

  29. Joe Nelson

    What the hell good does that do when these guys win their race they get out of their car and they start beating on the fucking roof of the car with their hands and fists and steering wheel that's stupid as hell

  30. Thomas AKA TommyOso

    We had a few drivers that we haven't seen up front much at the beginning besides Madden and a few others but toward the end all the heavy hitters started making their way up to the Front..Always good too see HTF racing with the big boys

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