Top 10 Highest Paid MALE MODELS

Top 10 Highest Paid MALE MODELS
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Top 10 Highest Paid MALE MODELS

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The highest paid male models pale in comparison to their female colleagues in the same bracket. Traditionally, female models have always earned more than male models, but super male models like Jon KortaJarena, David Gandy, and Sean O’Pry are setting a new records for most earnings by male models in the industry.

In this video, I breakdown the top 10 male models in the world who have achieved great success and winning a lot of hearts across the globe. Few started their modeling career from being discovered on Instagram while few got into modeling with the support of their families and friends.

***List determined by Forbes, People With Money Magazine, and Fortune Earnings Report

How to Start Modeling
One of the best ways to become a model is to start by attending agency open calls or doing an online submission as some of the models listed in this video did to begin their careers. Most of the Top Female Models in the world today are represented by IMG Models, DNA Models, Next Models, Society Model Management, and Elite Model Management.



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  1. Lizia B.

    And what about the Supermodel MICHAEL BERGIN??

  2. Suzanne Baxter

    David Gandy could model for me until the end of my days. He is perfection there is nothing I would change about him, us English ladies want to know if he can act because we're petitioning the James Bond franchise to have him do a screen test because he is JAMES BOND. I have followed his career since he won the day time show This Morning model competition.

  3. O S

    А говорят, то мужчины модели зарабатывают меньше, чем женщины модели. Но оказывается, это неправда судя по этому видео) 240 млн это вообще за гранью)) у Канделл 20 млн, а она из женщин моделей самая востребованная

  4. Divona

    Jordan Barrett face looks exactly like Jessica Alvez 2021 (was ken human doll, one of them…)

  5. Alok Verma

    The comment section is just as I expected I recently came from a video named as top 10 highest paid models almost all of them were females, people there were commenting things like “why are they paid so much, for just walking around in different clothes” or “doctors and people from other professions are are underrepresented” but why is no incoming that here, I can't even see a single person saying that but all people seem to be praising the male models. I don't get it when females are paid are higher for the same job people will always criticize them or would be negative whereas when it comes two males doing the same people are not so mad.


    The next Pedro Delaosa Portugal
    13 years 1.76
    Agência Facemodels

  7. Bidisha Roy

    Justice Joslin and Sean O'pry are so attractive.. also I wish Nick Bateman was also in this list.

  8. Bernard N i e s e n

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder! With that said I would not mind holding Sean or Jordan!!

  9. Max Creo


  10. Terry Dawn

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  11. Alicia Vruble

    Sean O'prys got a James Dean look. Although I'm not a fan of most of these because they're too much boys or just not that attractive to me. Thankfully still got a man in this List- David Gandy he's still got my #1Candy Man vote. 🔥😍

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